Dexway offers many benefits to study abroad agencies both before, during and after the study abroad program, which increases enrollment at these agencies throughout the year. For students, Dexway becomes an indispensable ally to learn a language and for agencies, Dexway offers effective ways to build student loyalty and extend the billing months.

Mobile Learning with Dexway apps

Participating in a study abroad or exchange program and traveling to a country where they speak the language you are studying is the best way to fully immerse yourself in learning. It is undoubtedly the quickest and most effective way to become fluent, to no longer feel embarrassed when speaking a new language and to get your ear accustomed to that language.

Every year, study abroad agencies enable thousands of people to enjoy short, medium or long programs in foreign countries. These programs immerse students in another language, thus forcing them to practice it continuously, 24 hours a day!

This is an enriching experience that allows students to pick up the language quicker and to mature on a personal level when facing new (or everyday) situations away from home in a second language, as noted in Thomas I Wortman’s dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy, “Psychosocial Effects of Studying Abroad: Openness to Diversity,” published by Penn State University.

An easy way to increase study abroad enrollment and build loyalty among students is that study abroad agencies can offer a Dexway language course so students can supplement their learning before, during and after their program. The Dexway catalog has a wide range of courses, some with specific objectives such as preparing for official exams or advancing in specific fields (business, hospitality, etc.).

Dexway prepares students for their exchange, solidifies their knowledge of the country where they will study and helps them maintain and even increase the acquired language level once they return.


Before, during and after studying abroad


Dexway courses are the best support structure for exchange students when they are studying abroad, but they also become the best supplement for study abroad agencies before and after the program.

Dexway’s online language courses create a lasting relationship over time with exchange students.

On the one hand, they eliminate the fear that a student will change their mind during the time after they sign up to study abroad but before they actually go, which could be months later.

And on the other hand, there will be no need to fear a lack of progress at the exchange school, since students will always have their Dexway online course as a reinforcement; even after they return, this relationship will continue as long as the student is interested in mastering the language.


#1 Before studying abroad

To prepare for a study abroad program, we advise students to study the language as much as possible during the weeks, or even months, preceding their trip. Dexway courses make this easy with their fully interactive and immersive content and engaging tools.

This way, students gain confidence before their trip by improving all their language skills.

Agencies can start building student loyalty months before the program begins, not just when they are studying abroad. Decision deadlines are shortened and billing months are increased.


#2 While studying abroad

During the study abroad program, Dexway online courses help to reinforce the skills that are acquired daily while broadening students’ general knowledge and vocabulary so they can practice what they’ve learned the very next day.

The agency can rest assured that students will progress without having to invest hours and hours in coaching.


#3 After studying abroad

Most of the study abroad programs have a short duration (3-4 weeks). In order for students to not lose their acquired language level or forget what they have learned, it is essential to keep studying: continuing with their Dexway course after returning will help students to progress in their language studies in a natural and progressive way. They can even complete an official certificate. Therefore, student loyalty lasts longer after returning.


Language immersion using the Dexway method

The Dexway methodology ensures that students have access to high-quality practice materials; that is why language immersion is one of its main features. The various exercises from the lessons and additional activities (videos, podcasts, karaoke) submerge the students into real and everyday situations.

We must also add a gamified motivation system which ensures that students stay interested throughout the course.


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