The student-centered teaching method has gained great importance in current education, both in language learning and other academic disciplines. In fact, it is one of the most relevant educational trends implemented in all educational institutions due to the good results obtained from its implementation.

If you are not yet implementing it in your school, but you have heard about this educational model and are interested in implementing it with your secondary school students, we encourage you to continue reading this post to find out much more about its advantages and how the Dexway language education platform, which is based on this principle, facilitates its implementation in the classroom.


Student-centered teaching. Dexway In Person Method


What is student-centered learning?


Student-centered learning is a teaching methodology that places students at the center of the educational process, making them become responsible and take control of their own learning. This approach focuses on fostering the development of skills and competencies that allow the student to face complex situations and solve problems autonomously, which favors the development of their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Roles of Learners and Teachers in student-centered Teaching


In student-centered learning, the role of the learner is fundamental, as it is the learner who has responsibility for his own learning. Students must be able to set their own goals in the subject, as well as to evaluate their progress. Hence the importance of being motivated, involved, and possessing the personal and technological tools to achieve it.

The teacher plays the role of counselor, facilitator, and guide. Therefore, the teacher must be in constant communication with students, offering feedback and guidance in their learning process, as well as providing tools and resources previously designed so that they can achieve their goals.


Benefits of Student-centered Learning


The major benefit of student-centered teaching is that it allows students to acquire more meaningful and lasting knowledge, as they themselves build their own knowledge from their experiences and reflections. In addition, this approach promotes creativity and innovation by being able to find different solutions to the problems posed.

However, other important aspects also influence their personal growth, since it promotes self-esteem and self-confidence and students feel able to face complex situations and solve problems.

On the other hand, it helps students become more responsible and feel more committed to their education by feeling that they are an active part of the educational process. All of this makes learning more rewarding and motivating.

Characteristics of Student-centered Learning


Let’s review the most important features of the student-centered teaching method:

  • Active student participation. Students play an active role inside and outside the classroom, being themselves the engine of their learning.
  • It encourages autonomy and creativity. When we offer students the possibility to think for themselves, they become more creative in solving all kinds of situations with autonomy.
  • Customization. In this model, teaching is adapted to the characteristics and skills of each individual. In this sense, technology is important because it helps teachers to customize the learning experience in an agile way.
  • Collaborative work. Teamwork is one of the pillars that favors the exchange of ideas, cooperation, and collaborative knowledge construction.
  • Technology. The educational tools available through educational platforms such as Dexway have become indispensable to implementing this methodology successfully.


Dexway In Person: the technology to implement student-centered teaching


As we have just seen, student-centred learning methodology needs a technological solution that allows teachers to design curricula that can be customizable (without involving a nightmare) for each student and offer constant guidance.

To this end, the Dexway platform, conceived and developed under the precepts of student-based learning, active and autonomous, provides language teachers with a pack of educational tools that allow them to closely monitor each student and provide interactive activities inside and outside the classroom.

To facilitate the monitoring that helps personalize student training, the platform incorporates Dexway Analytics, a complete data tool that collects and displays information about the group and each student.

If you want to know much more about Dexway In Person, contact us. Our expert education advisors will be able to advise you to propose the best-personalized solution for your school.


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