Most languages ​​have inherent similarities in their fundamental sounds and grammatical structures. However, pronunciation can be a challenge for anyone learning a language other than their mother tongue. It is often difficult to hear and copy sounds that are different from your own language. Speech recognition for learning languages has proven to be a very effective learning tool in helping students learn a new language. This is because they offer the student the assurance that they are learning to speak with the correct intonation and pronunciation.

At Dexway, we are experts in offering e-learning solutions which support online and offline language training. Our courses integrate the latest innovations in technology for language learning, one of them being voice recognition in the available languages. This technology offers a wonderful opportunity to put the improvement of the individual pronunciation of each student into practice. In addition, it helps each student to learn to pay more attention to perfecting their oral expression for the present and near future.


Speech recognition for learning languages. Student learning at home



Why use a speech recognition system to learn languages?

The reasons to use a voice recognition system in online language training are various.


  • The first (as we have mentioned above) is that using this technology to learn languages ​​helps students to fine tune their pronunciation and intonation. It is often common that when a student is participating in online training they practice the language independently. In this case, it can be difficult for them to really hear what they are doing wrong. This is why it is so important to have an application that can identify problems in a meaningful way and that can determine individually what each student needs to work on.
  • The second reason is that speech recognition systems for learning languages are not intimidating. When it comes to speaking in person, students are often self-conscious due to their lack of experience. However, this tool makes it easy for individuals to learn speech without fear, so no student will feel embarrassed if they make a mistake. Practicing with this technology helps students feel more confident in their abilities and improve their communication.
  • Finally, speech recognition applications provide a flexible study option. The student will be able to practice speaking when he or she wishes without established schedules and without the need to schedule a specific time or day with her trainer. This allows flexibility for the student to practice speaking the language that they are learning at any time of the day.


In addition, it is important to mention that using this technology to learn languages ​​is a fun way to actively develop the student’s vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills. The student will learn common words and phrases that they will use in real world situations, while absorbing the target language the way native speakers actually use it.


Benefits of speech recognition for learning languages

A few years ago, talking to your computer or mobile device would have seemed completely impossible. However, thanks to the enormous advances in speech recognition technology, there are already many online language teaching products that are based on this technology. The main purpose is to recognize, evaluate and respond to the speech of students.

This brings many benefits, because the development of this type of software allows pronunciation errors to be easily corrected and even to follow the student’s spoken words As speech recognition technology has the potential to be incredibly powerful when used in language learning programs, here are its most outstanding benefits:

Improve personal feedback from students

With voice recognition, it is as if the training program offers students a “private tutor”, giving them immediate and personal feedback on their responses. This technology, which we implement at Dexway, helps students refine their pronunciation by repeating the target word and requiring the student to say it correctly. In this way, accurate information is provided to the student at all times on how to acquire good habits in their learning.

Provides a realistic and engaging interaction

This technology requires students to speak, respond, and interact with the program using authentic words, phrases, and conversations. Why? Mastering a language has to do with oral language and the ability to speak out loud.

Oral skills are important in language learning and therefore the speech recognition system requires users to verify the accuracy of each spoken word. When a mistake is made, the student must repeat it until he or she improves. This process requires the student to be in constant interaction with the platform, in order to make the best decisions based on each specific situation.

Provides a stress-free, continuous practice environment

In face-to-face teaching, it is common to see how students who learn a new language remain silent without engaging in conversation or dialogue for fear of answering incorrectly or not knowing well how to respond in another language. However, they can take reinforcement oral exercices to improve their speech skills later at home using speech recognition technology with a safe environment to relax and practice, do their best, and play with the new language. This allows the student to work more independently, avoiding the anxieties associated with mechanics, organization and public speaking.

Improve basic reading and writing skills

Speech recognition tools greatly enhance a student’s skills in a language both when reading and writing. With this technology, students can obtain information on important elements of phonemic awareness, such as the correspondence between sounds and symbols.

As students speak, they see their words on the screen. The speech-to-text tool directly demonstrates the relationship between the appearance and the sound of the word. This feature is especially useful for students, as it helps deal with reading and spelling problems.



Dexway courses promote the concept of “learning by doing”

As experts we offer the most advanced in online language learning courses, Blended and Networked Classrooms. To do this, our e-learning solutions integrate a complete and effective learning methodology that allows students to acquire language skills in a natural, progressive and flexible way. Our courses allow students to assimilate grammatical, lexical and phonetic notions through practice.

One of our latest innovations in technology applied to language training is speech recognition for learning languages. Our voice recognition technology identifies the words that the student says during the language course, and uses colors to help them see where they should improve their pronunciation. Dexway speech recognition software has features such as a color evaluation system, comparison of the student’s voice with that of a native speaker, and real-time correction.



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