Have you thought about how an e-learning tool can help you in the classroom and out of it? If you do not work with an educational platform for your language courses yet, you might have been missing all its advantages and how this platform can be a key ally when teaching.

In this post, we want to share how you can make the most of this experience so your teaching practices can be more flexible and your students can take advantage of this as well. Would you like to join us?

A language teaching platform to ease the life of teachers

If you are new around here, and you do not know Dexway yet, we can assure you that once you start discovering Dexway LMS learning platform, you will be more likely to try it in your classes.

Teacher explaining a lesson with an e-learning tool

In the development of our teaching platform, we have thought not just about educators but students as well. It is well known that to a large extent; the success students have with the e-learning tool depends on their experience using it. Therefore, this one is designed to be attractive and intuitive.


Preparing the class in less time

Most teachers, complain about the number of hours they have to spend preparing their courses. This has been a real headache for tutors around the world. That is why teachers feel thankful when the Dexway features help them reduce significantly the time spent on such task. Moreover, as the teaching platform is compatible with SCORM, it is possible to import and export the courses that are already created.

That way, you could spend more time on other tasks that provide more value to your courses and in your learning centers either online or in person.


Keeping students motivated: an easier task now

Teachers wish to keep their students motivated and attentive throughout the course. However, this is sometimes complicated. During the course, some students start losing interest due to factors such as exhaustion or monotony.

In order to avoid this, the Dexway platform offers different resources to make the contents more interactive and also has group dynamics, including educational gamification to promote self-learning and to improve motivation.


Advantages of E-learning platforms for in-person courses.

Although the word e-learning makes us think of distance education, the truth is that the Dexway’s language education platform is suitable for blended and face-to-face learning.

Thus, in a face-to-face classroom, it is possible to take advantage of an e-learning language platform. Likewise, flipped classroom is also an option. Thanks to this modality, students work with the theoretical content at home and during the classes, they put into practice what they have learned, with the support and guidance of the teacher.

So, in short, this is about using interactive learning strategies that encourage participation and conversation, helping the student to develop all the linguistic competences.


Follow up on the student’s progress in a personalized way

For teachers to know the development and performance of each student, two main features provide important information:

  • User performance: First of all, the platform provides information on each student through Dexway Analytics. With this tool, teachers can see the student’s connectivity, which exercises they have made, the results obtained, and the evolution in each lesson. Thanks to this, it is possible to detect which activities present the greatest difficulty for the students to work on them in greater depth.
  • Progress tests: On the other hand, it is possible to evaluate students at the end of each lesson. This is to be sure they have correctly understood all the knowledge objectives and no student is left behind. The progress tests are fundamental for the students to be conscious of their progress, something that motivates and makes them aware of their improvement needs. In this way, we can avoid gaps in language learning which are very frequent in non-interactive methodologies.


Supervise exams online:

For training centers that need to carry out remote exams safely, the system online proctoring is essential to offer reliable and anti-fraud results. Software controls and platform anti-copying protocols make cheating impossible in exams

Do you want to know much more about the e-learning tools contained in the Dexway language educational platform? Contact us so that our advisors, together with our pedagogical department, can help you design your customized solution so that you can achieve your academic goals.


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