Thanks to mobile apps and desktop applications we can study easily and accessible from anywhere and at any time. That is why Dexway has developed its own free applications for its language courses that users can use on any device: mobile phones, tablets and computers. The apps are compatible with all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.


‘Mobile Apps’ as one of the main pedagogical trends of our time

The growing popularity of mobile technology (phones and tablets) and access to an almost unlimited internet connection from any place we enjoy today, has made possible the emergence of a new approach to e-learning known as m-learning or mobile learning (mobile learning). The impact and advantages of this type of technology in education are unquestionable.

Mobile Apps

The Smartphone has become the center of all online activity, greatly exceeding the older mobile devices. Since the first iPhone was invented in 2007, the mobile phone has gone from being practical in our daily life to being a necessity. In the same way, the use of mobile technologies in the area of education has also increased rapidly during this period of more than 10 years.

One of the main reasons why students use mobile devices to learn languages is because apps allow quick and easy access to content. We can use short spaces of our day to day to carry out small educational activities of the course. For example, when we go to work or while resting peacefully on the couch.

This way of learning with short lessons and interactive activities is what is known as  microlearning. The results of this type of learning are very positive. According to a study from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany, microlearning has achieved that students retain 20% more information than with traditional learning with longer sessions.

In addition, mobile learning through mobile apps has many other advantages:


#1 Learning in any situation and context

Any moment of our daily life can be the perfect setting to learn through the Dexway method of  100% linguistic immersion.


#2 Connection to the internet to study is not required

Once the application is installed you can download the lessons in a device and continue with the course. Progress is synchronized in all devices, without losing progress in the course or test results.


#3 Multimedia Activities

Dexway language courses allow you to practice at any time of the day with audiobooks, vocabulary flashcards, videos, magazines, karaoke, etc. so the attraction for students multiplies, favoring the upkeep of their attention.


#4 Improvement of interactions between students

They encourage a great interaction of the users, making them participate more actively in the learning.


#5 Custom educational environments

They allow creating a more personalized learning environment, adapted to the needs and lifestyle of each student, encouraging self-directed learning.


#6 Important playful component

Starting from the gamification, the mobile apps integrate the typical dynamics of a video game and rewards achievements for completing learning objectives. This allows the students to motivate themselves and learn by playing.


Research and innovation within the training environment

Mobile learning is one of the realities and challenges posed by technology linked to education. In Dexway, from the beginning we allocate a large part of our investment to R+D.

The result of this continuous process has been the development of multiplatform apps for e-learning training. Our apps, available for any device and operating system, considering all the advantages of the Dexway e-Learning method for languages anywhere and any situation: linguistic immersion where the student interacts with contexts and real situations, extra activities to practice at any time of day, conversation groups, phonics practices and pronunciation where voice recognition is measured by colors, Dexway Community or free expression workshops, among others many.

How could it be otherwise? Dexway continues to lead the technology linked to education. Thanks to our own development mobile apps we offer our clients a modern image and fully adapted to the needs of our time.


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