There’s a great deal to think about when it comes to successfully offering online courses. This is true whatever context your educational organisation is working within, whether you’re a school, university, specialist language school, professional training facility or an independent online course provider.

Whatever type of institution you’re working with, many of your online educational needs and considerations will be similar. These may include:

  • The quality of your teaching provision
  • The range of course types and levels you are able to provide
  • The type of online learning platform you choose to work with
  • The extent of the online community you are able to facilitate for your students
  • How you are going to advertise your courses and reach out to to your target student market
  • The importance of supporting and inspiring your staff members
  • How you’re going to keep track of student needs and offer relevant pastoral care
  • The necessity of keeping up to date with industry certifications and best practice standards

Though these considerations may feel very wide ranging, many of them can be handled by investing in high quality online learning platforms for schools. Software such as learning management systems (LMS) or learning content management systems (LCMS) can make offering e-Learning solutions and blended classroom provision so much more straight forward.

What about keeping up to date with industry certifications and best practice standards?

Just like in any industry, when you are offering online educational solutions it is really important to be able to showcase your credentials. One of the key ways to do this is to keep up to date with industry certifications and best practice standards. One of the most common ways to do this when providing online courses and language eLearning courses for schools is to ensure your offerings are all SCORM compliant.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical standards that relates to eLearning courses. It essentially acts as a set of guidelines on how to build a course so that it will be compliant with all online learning platforms for schools and other educational institutions.

Let’s consider the SCORM standards in relation to language eLearning courses for schools and other educational institutions. Ensuring that the courses you offer comply to SCORM means that your courses will run alongside whichever online learning platform, learning management system (LMS) or learning content management system (LCMS) you or your students choose to work with.

This is beneficial as it means your courses will be more versatile and can be used and accessed in a whole range of environments and contexts.

How can you make sure that your language course offerings are SCORM compliant?

There are two surefire ways to ensure that your language courses are fully SCORM compliant.

The first is to work with a technical team who fully understand the requirements of these technical standards and build your courses from the ground up yourself. Though this can be a great option for many educational providers, it can represent a big investment both in terms of financial outlay and development time.

The second option here is to find a trusted partner in language educational solutions. A distributor of SCORM language courses like Dexway could help you to offer high quality language eLearning courses for schools and private students without having to invest the time or money to develop them from the ground up yourself.



What are the benefits of partnering with a distributor of SCORM language courses?

Finding a partner in language educational solutions such as a distributor of SCORM language courses can have a range of other benefits too. These include:

  • Having the technical side of things taken care of
  • Being able to take part in an active online community of other language schools and students worldwide
  • Being able to offer a trusted industry name to reassure potential new students
  • Tapping into a great deal of professional industry experience
  • The assurance that the courses you’re offering will work brilliantly with a full range of online learning platforms for schools
  • Increasing your international appeal
  • Gaining support in teaching practices and pedagogy
  • Keeping up to date with industry developments and technical advances without needing to spend money or time developing new up to date solutions yourself

If your language school is interested in establishing a professional partnership with a distributor of SCORM language courses, why not take a look at what we could offer you here at Dexway? We work with a wide range of partners including language schools, corporate businesses, secondary schools, higher education institutions and libraries.

Why not explore what we could offer you?

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