Hybrid teaching, also known as blended learning, through flipped classroom or other teaching systems, is an educational model that combines online and face-to-face learning to deliver a more comprehensive, dynamic, and personalized learning experience. In this educational model, students can learn online at their own pace and then apply what they have learned in the classroom with the teacher’s support and guidance.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular around the world, especially at university and secondary school levels, due to the advantages of hybrid education. Among these, we highlight that it allows increasing the quality of the teaching without excluding the pupils that require another rhythm or special attention. Never before have teachers been able to attend students in such a personalized way without entailing a huge extra effort.


Hybrid teaching in classrooms

Implement the hybrid educational model in schools

Below are some ways in which Secondary Schools can implement hybrid education:


Create interactive content

Hybrid education is characterized by the use of interactive content that students can access at their own pace and time, or that can be used face-to-face in the classroom with the rest of the class, individually or in groups. Teachers can use a variety of digital tools, such as videos, audios, educational games, gamification tools, and interactive simulations, to create content that is interesting and engaging for students.

This can be complex and tough but it becomes simple when you have a language education platform like Dexway that incorporates these elements, so teachers can use them when and as they deem appropriate.


Carry out online learning activities

In addition to accessing online content, students can also participate in online learning and participation activities, such as discussion forums, questionnaires and assessments. These activities allow students to practice and reinforce what they have learned online before applying it in the classroom.


Use classroom time for teamwork and discussion

In the classroom, high school teachers can use this time for activities that encourage teamwork, discussion, and speaking practice, in the case of language subjects. Students can apply what they have learned online to real-world situations and work together to solve problems and explore new concepts.


Provide real-time feedback

The hybrid teaching model in education also allows secondary school teachers to give feedback to students in real time. Through digital tools, such as discussion forums and online questionnaires, teachers can assess each student’s progress and provide instant feedback, or in a short time.

Keep in mind that an efficient educational platform like Dexway offers an automatic marking of exercises done inside and outside the classroom, with additional information on how students progress in each lesson. This helps that when it comes to tutoring, it can quickly detect who have not understood an exercise or if they have difficulties in a specific area to correct them, including assigning additional material or activities to help them solve doubts and improve their level.


Customize the learning experience

Further to what was discussed in the previous point, one of the biggest advantages of hybrid education is that it allows a more personalized learning experience. High school teachers can tailor learning content and activities to meet each student’s individual needs and provide the additional support they require to succeed.


How does the Dexway platform help implement the hybrid teaching model?

The Dexway educational platform specializes in language teaching and provides tools and resources for educators not only to create content quickly and easily for classroom and/or online use, but also for language learning activities.

The syllabus is flexible. This means that the teaching staff can schedule the contents according to the needs of their classes, reorganizing and rearranging them according to their criteria. After all, the aim of the Dexway method is to facilitate teachers’ work and provide value inside and outside the classroom.


At the same time, The versatility of the LMS Dexway platform and our know-how of more than 40 years developing the Dexway Method allows students to personalize their learning experience, which helps provide support to students throughout the process. In addition, it offers the possibility of carrying out different types of tests (level, assessment, objectives) and collecting data to know the students’ progress in a group and individually. Thus, having the tools to try to homogenize the level of the class and make an agile and effective follow-up of all students.

For further information about Dexway In-person, please contact us. Our team of experts will advise you on the best technological solution for your school.



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