Today there are many reasons why language learning has become an essential element within the education system. The demand for the acquisition of language skills in the 21st century continues to rise year after year and has become a global necessity, especially for new generations. As a result, language learning is of particular importance from an early age.

language learning in the classroom

Schools have become fundamental pillars for language training. Mastery of a second or third language is increasingly demanded and necessary. However, there are still many schools that have not been able to adapt to this new reality and do not know the benefits of training their students in language skills. We explain below why language training should be present in the education sector.


#1 Global economy

The globalization and internationalization of most labor sectors have led us to live today in an increasingly global economy. This means that the training of future professionals who can communicate effectively in foreign languages will be of vital importance in the labor market. To train these professionals, schools must integrate adequate language learning for their students.

#2 Multicultural students

Training proficient language students promotes interpersonal communication and the ability to socialize with different cultures. Knowing different languages, beyond one’s mother tongue, opens up a range of possibilities and knowledge that were not available before. Learning languages brings added value, not only educational or professional but also personal.

#3 Language learning improves logic skills

Studies show that multilingual students have a more logical way of thinking in other courses, such as mathematics and science. Language learning is related to improving cognitive flexibility, memorizing, and creating mental structures. These benefits are passed on to other disciplines by improving knowledge acquisition.

#4 Enhances creativity

Language learning skills improve students’ ability to solve problems and mental flexibility. Through translation exercises, disciplined study, and changing languages simultaneously,  new connections are created. In this way, creativity has a faster process for those students who learn several languages.

#5 Future projection

Learning languages is not only based on fluency or fluency in speaking or vocational skills. Learning other languages has become a tool for personal development, giving you freedom of choice, improving future opportunities, and allowing you to be unrestricted and independent in a globalized world.

#6 Global competence

Mastering one or more languages is a current need for people today. Languages have become a differentiating value for the labor market. There is a great demand for language learning so implementing language learning in schools and universities, with the latest technology in language learning, is important as it can make a difference for future generations.

#7 Critical thinking

Language training develops critical thinking and reasoning skills that allow you to solve problems, draw conclusions and consciously learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures. Develop your intellectual capacity and critical thinking which are global standards in education.


Enjoy these benefits in your school


At Dexway, we are experts in offering e-learning solutions to support online and offline language training. Our courses integrate the latest innovations in technology applied to the training of different languages. Using the Dexway method for language learning that comes from our know-how and experience of more than 40 years in the field of educational technology, your students can truly learn in an easy and simple way.

Dexway courses promote “learning by doing” in all its versions. Through interactive content, audiovisual materials, and gamified exercises, we create participatory learning classrooms that facilitate the acquisition of the four main language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

The student will be able to gain knowledge of the language actively thanks to the facilities of the Dexway platform where many tools will be available at all times 24 hours a day, every day of the year, in various formats and different devices.

Through attractive content that simulates real situations, students can easily identify patterns and become familiar with the language progressively, gaining confidence as the lessons progress. To maintain students’ interest and motivation, our Dexway courses integrate gamified exercises where they can learn in a fun way, obtaining prizes and achievements during their progress.

In addition, follow-up reports will be generated as your students develop their language skills, having the possibility to modify lessons according to their needs and requirements. 


Do you want to know how Dexway can make these benefits a reality for your students? Be informed.


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