In recent days, people in the mainstream media are talking about the new flipped classroom educational model that is increasingly being implemented in educational institutions around the world aiming to achieve success in teaching and learning. The World publishes the headline “Professor Rewinds the Class” to mean that the roles of the teacher, students and even their families in the classroom are transforming.

The flipped classroom or reverse classroom emerged in 2007 in Colorado coined by Jonathan Begmann, who at the time said put his class “backwards”. Why? Because seeing that some of his students could not attend classes, he decided to take a camera and recorded himself giving lessons so that students could come back to class prepared and all homework done outside of the classroom.

By 2007, Computer Aided E-learning (CAE), the parent company of Dexway Language Innovation, was investing in the improvement and development of its blended learning methodology for language learning, perfecting what we know today as the flipped classroom. CAE launched Dexway in 2010 at the international level at prestigious industry events such as San Diego , San Francisco Colombia , London , Shanghai, Madrid, Valencia, etc, gradually becoming a recognized and renowned model. The educational model received the AENOA and AEFOL 2010 award for “The Best E-learning Method for Language Teaching” for its quality and innovation.

dexway flipped classroom

Dexway then advanced another step in the flipped classroom, through its methodology students not only learn with videos or presentations, but also perfect the language through the most powerful speech recognizer on the market, interact with all kinds of multimedia exercises on the 4 main language skills through active learning, have the capability to stream live virtual classes, etc. The teacher also has a system of monitoring and evaluating their students in real time, as well as access to other teaching materials to improve student learning and prepare group activities in the classroom.

Dexway’s flipped classroom is the best method for combining in-person classes with online training; a dynamic system that combines online and offline learning through linguistic and multimedia resources with which students get to retain the language and progress more quickly and effectively. Courses also have Apps compatible with any mobile device that allows students to learn the language when they want, how they want, and where they want, attending the classroom much more prepared.

This modern educational model has a blended learning format, featuring a combined or mixed learning which aims to boost student motivation outside the classroom as well as enrich and optimize class time with all the resources and materials available to the teacher.

Dexway offers an effective and innovative solution for the education sector; guaranteed to enrich traditional classroom learning in order to meet the growing need to combine classroom training with online training while facilitating teacher role with a full range of customizable tools and allowing students to live a unique learning experience during the course.

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