The new American Dexway Classroom Companion is being released, adding American English to the current British English levels. American Dexway Classroom Companion has been added to Dexway’s course catalog for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, matching what the English Dexway Classroom Companion offers.

American Dexway Classroom Companion

Since it was launched, Dexway Classroom Companion has become the best supplement to classroom learning. These courses provide teachers with the fullest support so they can teach classes using effective, interactive and fully customizable material that allows their students to view the syllabus inside and outside of class (learning platform), if so desired.

One of the most important features of Dexway Classroom Companion is that teachers are still the main learning source and they can adapt the online course to their way of teaching.

Dexway’s contents, which enrich students’ face-to-face classroom experience, are structured according to the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. The Dexway method utilizes a ‘learning by doing’ approach, a natural and progressive method that allow students to grow linearly from 0 to 100%, without any gaps.

Like previous versions, American Dexway Classroom Companion allows you to fully customize the courses. Teachers are free to modify the syllabus, add or delete content, customize exercises, create new exercises or omit them.

The course includes a powerful authoring tool that allows you to edit the entire course and add content directly from teachers or from Dexway’s materials and resources. CAE provides teachers with a wide variety of exercises, images, audio recordings and videos so they can customize their courses and tailor the content to match their objectives in order to meet their students’ needs.


American Dexway Classroom Companion Primary & Secondary

The children’s version of this specialized course that supports teachers in the classroom will also be available in American English from now with two versions: Primary A1, A2 (ages 7-12) and Secondary A2, B1, B2 (ages 12-16). This new version is equal to the British version. That way, Dexway Classroom Companion courses will become 100% dual courses, like the rest of the language learning courses offered in English by Dexway.


The best option for a digital extension

Dexway Classroom Companion is the most effective Dexway method to supplement textbooks in language classrooms because:

#1 It has a variety of content.

#2 It boasts a high-quality curriculum.

#3 It is structured by objectives.

#4 It can be customized for use with the textbook in class or with the teacher’s own curriculum…

… All of these characteristics make it the number one digital extension for languages in the industry.


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