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Dexway Languages Online Method

Get to know the most powerful e-learning software for language teaching on the market, to deliver your training in Online or Blended Learning format, or in Networked Classrooms. Available for Educational Organizations, Companies and Institutions.

Dexway Languages In Person Method

We present a personalized model in which we merge with the English teachers of Institutions and Schools, to apply a blended learning model with in-person classes and tailored online content



Dexway Languages International Certification Exam

Discover the most effective online English exams. With an anti-copy security system and with an unbeatable cost for the center/student. Schools, Universities and Institutions around the world already use them to accredit the level of their students, candidates and employees.

Dexway Languages Level Test powered by AI
Dexway Level Test - AI

Level Test powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Your educational center and your students will have the results in no time. Created and designed specifically for schools, universities and institutions.

Dexway Languages teaching methodology

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Specific solutions that seek to assist teachers and organizations that wish to offer language training.

Dexway has been developed by CAE, a company with more than 40 years of experience in language training
and the development of digital educational content.

Major image update for Dexway courses

Major image update for Dexway courses

Dexway courses have recently been undergoing a considerable update. Many images have been replaced in order to improve quality and relevance, following along the same lines as the Companion courses. This update reflects Dexway's commitment to continuous improvement...

All the answers to your blended learning questions

All the answers to your blended learning questions

The blended learning methodology has recently become one of the most popular e-learning methods, giving rise to many questions about blended learning. Management, heads of studies and teachers have all asked us about how to use Dexway courses alongside this successful...

The challenges of AI in language teaching

The challenges of AI in language teaching

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a ubiquitous tool in language teaching (and in every area of life). It radically transforms the way languages are learned, but also how they are taught. However, its growth has also highlighted a number of challenges for AI...