It is essential to develop all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to get the most out of learning a language, we understand that the main goal of the majority of your learners is to become fluent and confident when speaking. This is why the development of speaking skills is highly valued by language learners. Traditionally, improving the other skills may have been easier in comparison with speaking, but this is no longer the case. Dexway courses feature industry-leading, advanced and comprehensive voice recognition technology. This tool enables your students to quickly reach their language goals.

If you have never had the opportunity to use a voice recognition tool in a language learning environment, you may not be aware of the potential they have. These tools can process information spoken by learners and provide detailed feedback after analysing it. It is therefore important to review precisely what voice recognition tools can do within a language course, and to highlight the many benefits they have for learners.

voice recognition in courses


What is voice recognition software?

Voice recognition tools within language courses are applications or systems based on advanced technology that allow learners to interact with the language orally. These tools record and analyse learners’ pronunciation, intonation and fluency of speech, using sophisticated algorithms to evaluate and provide accurate and personalised feedback.

At a technical level, we are talking about a programme’s ability to identify words spoken by a person. For example, assistants such as Siri or Alexa use this technology to understand the commands given to them. Within language courses, this ability incorporates the possibility of analysing pronunciation and making an objective judgement on its appropriateness according to the language. In other words, in language courses, this tool is an innovative way of accurately assessing pronunciation, as well as providing feedback in real time.


Benefits of voice recognition for language courses

The benefits of these tools are plentiful. Firstly, they allow learners to practise and improve their speaking autonomously, without the need for an instructor to be present at all times. This gives learners the opportunity to practise speaking on their own and at their own pace, which increases confidence and the ability to cope in real communication situations.

In addition, the immediate and accurate feedback provided by voice recognition systems in courses helps students to correct pronunciation and intonation errors effectively. By receiving specific feedback on their oral performance, students can identify areas in need of improvement. They can also focus their efforts on developing clearer pronunciation and more natural sounding intonation.

Another significant benefit of this tool is its ability to monitor progress. Voice recognition systems record student performance over time, allowing teachers and students to track their development and set personalised learning goals. This continuous assessment feature encourages student motivation and engagement as they can see their progress and celebrate achievements.


Good pronunciation – the key to successfully learning languages online

Good pronunciation is the difference between making yourself understood in conversation or not articulating words accurately enough for your interlocutors to identify them. If your students are looking for the former, a tool such as voice recognition in language courses allows them to make rapid progress in their speaking skills.

The Dexway software always indicates whether what is being pronounced is accurate. This is done by marking the correct phonemes in green, and for those which need improvement in orange or red, depending on the degree of necessity.

Many online and blended language courses do not include voice recognition tools, and those which do, often include ones which are not powerful enough, so they do not reach their goals: that students achieve accurate pronunciation. So how does Dexway achieve this?

Dexway’s voice recognition tool is the most advanced on the market. Furthermore, it’s patented, which means we are the only language learning method to offer it at the highest quality.


How does Dexway’s market-leading voice recognition tool work?

Voice recognition tools in language courses are a valuable addition to the language learning environment. Their ability to process and evaluate learners’ speech, as well as provide detailed feedback, contributes significantly to improving learners’ speaking and confidence. With these tools, your learners can practise autonomously, correct mistakes and track their progress, resulting in more effective and rewarding learning.

The process is as follows:

  • The voice recognition software records the learner so that they can listen to their own voice and compare it with that of a native speaker.
  • Through a colourcoding system, it is automatically indicated in the exercise whether a student is pronouncing words or sentences correctly, and in which part of a sentence or which word they need to improve.

Pronunciation is essential in online language learning. That’s why the Dexway voice recognition tool ensures successful pronunciation when learning a new language.


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