What is voice recognition?

Voice recognition is an artificial intelligence discipline that allows the spoken communication between humans and computers. Phonemes are the sounds of a language. In Spanish there are 24 while the English language has 40. So, to learn any language is essential voice recognition with high quality which allows an effective learning.


Pronunciation, the key to learning languages online

Voice recognition is one of the most important parts of learning a new language with confidence and assurance to speak with appropriate intonation and pronunciation. The key to talk with confidence is to progress in learning the desired language. And above all, to know always that what you want to communicate, is perfectly understanding for native speakers. Many of the online language courses of the market, do not include it, or include those who are not powerful enough, so you do not learn to improve your speaking and pronunciation properly.

That’s why in Dexway we innovate and invest continually in voice recognition technology that listens to every syllable and instantly evaluates the pronunciation rigorously. All the advantages of our tech make it the most powerful voice recognition for language learning of the market. The Dexway technology is the most advanced in the market. And it is patented, which means that we are the unique language learning method that provides the highest quality.


How does Dexway voice recognition, market leader, works?

Voice recognition by Dexway

  • The software records your voice, to hear your own voice and compares it with a native.
  • Through a system of colours, the exercise shows the student automatically if the speaking is properly or not and in what part of the phrase or word has to improve.

In the online language learning the pronunciation is essential. Therefore, Dexway software ensures success of pronunciation in learning a new language. If you’re a perfectionist or you just want to know more, that is the method you need to speak correctly.


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