Blended learning, the learning method that combines online learning with presential classes, is changing the educational sector. The traditional presential teaching is changing to blended learning, and that`s why this new learning method is the best way to learn English. It really works because it is a complete and efficient method. Dexway combines the online courses with an innovative methodology with Teacher’s tools that help teachers in their presential classes.

Advantages of Dexway English Blended Learningdexway mac app

 1. English courses certificated with MCER/TOEFL.

 2. British and American English courses available.

Online English Courses with different versions that allow a better adaptation to methodology that teach each educational centre. Levels from A1 to C1.

3. Structured, intuitive and interactive English courses

The students have available a complete course, with structured materials and interactive activities that motivate the English learning.

4. Anywhere anytime accessible courses

Students can take the online course outside the classroom from any mobile device through the Dexway Apps, even without an Internet connection.

5. Courses that incorporate the most advanced voice recognition

Students practice pronunciation of English, essential for language proficiency, with a system of voice recognition.

6. Online Courses that are combined with presential classes

Blended learning tools to presential classes

herramientas profesor blended learning

1. Teacher Pack, the educational teacher guide

Dexway helps the online courses, which the students work with outside the classroom, with the Teacher Pack, a complete educational guide with specific materials and ordered that combines Dexway course with classroom lessons given by the teacher in the classroom. It includes additional pedagogical materials: chips printable for activities and exercises in the classroom, radio, karaoke, TV (interviews, reports …)

2. Book for the student

A student book in downloadable and printable pdf to support Dexway online Courses.

3. Software Classroom Teacher to teach the presential classes

Students interact with the Classroom Teacher during the class time. The Classroom Teacher is complementary software for educators that allows teaching all or part of the Dexway course and/ or reinforcement of the presential classes; they can review each unit or only on the needs of the majority of the student group.

4. Dexway Analytics, monitoring and evaluation of students

Monitoring and evaluation of students is much easier for the teacher thanks to Dexway Analytics, an advanced feature of analysis and tracking points that are not understood by the students in order to improve and review them in the presential class. It offers teachers and students a more detailed view of the objectives that each course aims to achieve.

5. Online Kit of reinforcement activities

A complete set of online additional reinforcement exercises included within the Dexway course, designed to practice and work on specific goals depending on the student’s needs.

6. LMS web portal, online educational platform for training management

Tool that helps the management of all processes related to the administration and management training: registration, users, students, courses, content libraries, teachers, supervisors, calendars, schedules, groups, access, notifications, press releases, certificates, reports…

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