Never before have there been so many ways to learn a language. Thanks to language learning technology, this is a reality for all kinds of students: from school and high school students to professionals, business managers, and retirees. Some students choose to study online independently, taking responsibility for their own progress. On the other hand, other students prefer a more traditional method, with the support and atmosphere that this implies. As if that were not enough, more and more schools and training centers are opting for a hybrid learning methodology. This system seeks to offer the best of both methods. Regardless of the objectives of each course, the tools we have today make achieving your goals easier than ever, whether it is studying for an official exam or preparing for the next trip.


Language learning technology. Student using his phone to check his progress in the Dexway language platform


The resources for digital language learning are now better than ever and more and more users are taking advantage of them. They can be used independently through an online course, or by choosing a face-to-face course with a hybrid methodology.


Do you want to know more about language learning technology and the many benefits it has to offer?



#1 Language learning technology can be used anywhere.


Users can access learning resources wherever they want, usually on any device they have at hand. This is a reality both for students who are involved in an entirely online course and for those who are benefiting from a course with a hybrid methodology. The tools are the same, the only difference is the time spent using the online functions or interacting with the tutor. The incorporation of a messaging service on some platforms allows you to communicate with tutors and be aware of the answers and pending tasks in a simple way.


#2 Language learning technology can be used at any time.


Students no longer have to adapt to a schedule! Digital learning resources can be used anytime, day or night. For hours, or between hours. This is one of the main advantages that technology applied to learning can offer, as it provides great flexibility for the busiest students. This access flexibility is a great help in keeping up with a course without having to worry about business trips or other commitments, especially when preparing for an official exam with a deadline.


#3 Language learning technology allows students to study at their own pace.


One of the most obvious benefits of using language learning technology is that each student can set their own pace. They can go through the sections that they find more complicated and quickly by the modules with which they feel comfortable. This also applies to the hybrid methodology, as students can use time out of class to review anything they are not entirely sure of, as many times as they need. This means that students can acquire very strong language skills. This facilitates further improvement, thus eliminating the frustration that can arise when a student has a problem with a particular area.


#4 Language learning technology assesses your progress


Language learning technology is unique because it has an implicit assessment system. Digital resources make it easy for students to save their progress and check how they are doing. In this way they can review material with which they are not comfortable yet and review the areas they have already seen before, thus motivating the student while providing valuable information for the tutor.


#5  Language learning technology is incredibly versatile


Perhaps the main reason why language learning technology is so thriving is its versatility. It can be used individually and have a great result, as well as be implemented in courses to create a multitude of options. This versatility makes it easy to manage groups with a mixed level, those with a lower level can have access to reinforcement material, and those with a higher level can take advantage of chat groups and supplementary material.


In conclusion, technology has changed the way we learn languages thanks to the flexibility and customization that it offers to both students and training centers. The interfaces are intuitive which makes their use simple and feasible for people of all ages and levels of technological knowledge. Many students take for granted the use of interaction, and on many occasions, are not interested in courses that do not offer this variety of activities with this flexibility. It is therefore important to keep up with the advances in learning technology.

Technology has enabled busy people to achieve their language learning goals. All this is thanks to the fact that this technology is the one that students already use in their day to day and in addition, they can choose when and where to study. With engaging lessons and ongoing assessment, students engage in the learning process and take responsibility for their personal progress.



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