Digital transformation implies significant academic challenges at all educational levels. More and more schools are betting on the digitization of classrooms towards a 3.0 education model. This new way of understanding education goes far beyond digitizing educational content or online courses. Thus, this trend is the fusion between the tool and the method. Along this line of development, today we are introducing our new offer of English courses for secondary schools: Dexway for face-to-face language classrooms.


A teacher with some students using English courses for Secondary schools. Dexway in person.


What is Dexway for face-to-face classrooms?


Dexway Classroom courses are designed for teachers who want to innovate in their classes through new digital technologies. In this new solution, Dexway combines traditional language teaching methods ​​in schools and institutes with the latest innovations in digital education.

The aim is to facilitate and optimize language teaching through the implementation of digital technologies. However, Dexway for face-to-face classrooms is much more than an online English course or an electronic book. Dexway offers its own method based on learning by doing. For this, not only content but also the most innovative interactive tool is offered for language learning.


What does Dexway include for face-to-face language courses?


Dexway courses for Face-to-Face Language Classrooms offer schools and institutes innovative English teaching material and a multitude of features to run in the English courses:


Topics and exercises

The course program is organized in units using interactive and physical materials. Topics can also be arranged by dates or weeks. In addition, Dexway for face-to-face classrooms has a variety of extra consolidation exercises that can be assigned both individually and collectively.



In laboratory lessons, students can store their written and/or spoken productions. Likewise, teachers can make corrections in writing or recording their voices.


Level tests and continuous assessment

The tool has different types of tests to give to students throughout the course. This allows teachers to work specifically on the teaching units and personalize language learning according to students’ needs.


How does Dexway face-to-face classrooms work?


Dexway recreates an immersive language environment in its online English courses for face-to-face classrooms for teenagers. The aim is to work all language skills in depth through contextual practice. In short, the student learns by practicing through association, repetition, and contextualization.


In addition, Dexway content is interactive. The teacher will project the courses through a screen, projector, or electronic whiteboard. Students will be able to interact with different devices such as computers, tablets, or even mobile phones. These features facilitate the development of gamification strategies to make language teaching in schools much more fun.


The teacher always decides how to use and manage the tool. The teacher can edit the syllabus, schedule content, and take advantage of different available lesson modes. Online assessment tests and final exams can be taken and analytical data for each group can be also obtained. In short, a flexible platform that adapts to each teacher’s needs to create the best English courses for Secondary schools.



  • Course audios available offline.
  • Conversation groups among students from all over the world with the same level.
  • Web portal with detailed reports for optimal monitoring of student progress.
  • System of achievements and rewards with possibilities of gamification.
  • Dexway student community: for participation and exchange between students of different courses. It includes virtual classrooms and study groups.
  • Progressive voice recognition: evaluation system for pronunciation.
  • An app that allows students to download the contents taught in the course and access them without an internet connection from home.


Benefits of implementing Dexway in the face-to-face classroom


The implementation of Dexway Classroom language courses offers many advantages to both teachers and students. These include:

  • The platform allows teachers to manage and organize all the exercises and materials available in different ways and develop interactive and playful strategies.


  • Teaching staff can edit the course curriculum to meet their students’ needs. All features that make the best English materials for schools and institutes easy to prepare.


  • Voice recognition practice is encouraged. The color-coding system of our software tells students if the pronunciation is adequate. Each student can listen to recorded assignments before moving on to the next exercise and identify which points should be improved.


  • The Dexway method facilitates natural and contextual linguistic immersion that helps to internalize the language.


  • The gaming and interaction factor that the platform incorporates keeps students more attentive and motivated.


  • The data collected by the platform allow continuous monitoring of students’ progress. With this information, contents can be adjusted, and certain language skills can be reinforced as well.


  • In addition, it facilitates a continuous assessment of students with a test at the end of each unit.


In this article, we have seen how Dexway face-to-face Classrooms offer the most innovative technologies to implement in English courses for Secondary school; moreover, it is available in language courses for universities. The possibilities are endless. A fully customized learning system that adapts to the needs of each school. For more information, please visit the Dexway website or contact us with no obligation.


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