Flipped classroom is the new pedagogical model that is transforming the teaching processes of all educational centers, since the results of learning a language are not only innovative but also lead to success.

With Flipped classroom English classes are much more complete since the student comes very prepared to the class, with the ideas and concepts already prepared outside the classroom to make the most of their time in the classroom along with his classmates and his teacher.

Flipped Classroom Dexway

What are the benefits of the flipped classroom?

#1 Flipped Classroom methodology increases student-teacher interaction

This new methodology for teaching English in the classroom makes the teacher gain much more importance by becoming the coach of the student. The flipped classroom takes full advantage of online training outside of class and on-site activities with the teacher in the classroom. The teacher can guide the activities carried out in class much better and enhance the student’s learning.

The teacher plays a vital role in the life of their students and the interaction between them is a very valuable experience.

#2 It also increases interaction between students through collaborative learning

The flipped classroom encourages a much more social and collaborative learning, the interaction of students grows through discussion groups, debates, group activities, etc. in the classroom, something that did not happen before through teacher talks in a traditional class because there was hardly any time if the teacher had to explain the lesson beforehand. Students with this model help each other and not only trust the teacher as the sole diffuser of knowledge but also do so in their classmates.

#3 Help students with greater difficulties

Through the traditional teaching model, the students who get the most attention are the bright, participatory students who are encouraged in the classes to ask, meanwhile the students with the greatest difficulties sit back and are forbidden to ask questions in class while being subjects liabilities in the classroom. Thanks to the flipped classroom, class time can be dedicated much more to those students who have more difficulties and need more support. The flipped classroom favors a learning style that is individual, progressive and paced for each student so that students with greater difficulties can spend the time they need repeating a lesson until they understand it well.

#4 The flipped classroom allows all students to stand out equally

Thanks to this methodology, not only do the brightest students raise their hands in class but all the students become more active and participatory in the classroom, learning not only from the teacher but also from their classmates. Everyone has the opportunity to give their opinion and share their knowledge in the classroom as they come more prepared to work with the class syllabus. It is a methodology that greatly encourages “speaking” in the classroom, a fundamental skill for mastering a language. Students work with the base of English outside the classroom, grammar, reading and class take full advantage of the group conversation.

#5 Students get the most out of their teachers

Although academic courses have a specific content structure that students must follow, the traditional model expects students to simply understand what the teacher has to present in class by following the classic book based on the level of English. However, with the flipped classroom, students work with that content outside the classroom, and in the classroom, they get the most out of their teachers through the activities they do, pausing the teacher or another classmate to comment on a doubt, until they truly understand a concept. With this new model, students are able to process much better what they learn, without seeing the teacher as a mere communicator.

#6 This allows educators to know their students better

Through new technologies and online educational platforms, teachers can know at all times what content their students have worked outside of the classroom, what lessons or units have cost them the most and thus support and deepen those deficiencies in the classroom. Dexway also offers its Dexway Analytics software to schools, which facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of students individually or in groups to identify which course objectives are not being met and thus influence class on them. Being also a collaborative learning where global interaction increases, students open up more allowing teachers to know their concerns much better. The flipped classroom allows sharing, inspiring, listening, encouraging, motivating and providing a much more enriching vision to students.

#7 The flipped classroom changes the classroom management

It is demonstrated that under the traditional teaching model, students pay less and less attention in the classroom, and when a student is distracted, it causes a negative effect on the rest of the classmates. On the contrary with the flipped classroom many of these problems disappear, the students are much more attentive, being much more participatory doing group activities paying full attention to their learning and not to other external stimuli. The classroom stops being boring in order to be much more interactive and where students are willing to immerse themselves in learning English.

#8 The flipped classroom speaks the language of the students of the 21st century

The students of the 21st century were born in the era of Internet and free access to all the technological tools we know today, so the digital world is part of its roots. Learn in a blended learning format , which allows them to prepare the material outside the classroom, at their own pace and through mobile devices which is very attractive. In fact, these students are not surprised as much as teachers can do with this new model, since students have been born with for what it is to speak their language. With the flipped classroom, classrooms are filled with opinions, debates and much richer learning where all students participate, becoming active and dynamic classes.

#9 Flipped classroom also educate the parents of the 21st century

Parents can support their children much better through the flipped classroom with the online activities they do outside the classroom, not only helping them but also learning and knowing at all times what their children are learning. Also favoring interaction at home between student and parent, or in other situations such as the library with other classmates, in each of a friend, etc. The flipped classroom is having a very good reception from parents as they see their children’s evolution at all times in English learning.

#10 A complete methodology that covers the absence of students or teachers

In cases where for example a teacher is going to be out and cannot teach his class, the flipped classroom allows you to configure that class beforehand, for example, to record a video explaining a lesson and an activity, in this way the students do not miss the class. And also, when a student becomes ill and misses class, they do not lose the pace because thanks to blended learning training, you can go back to that content and review it or do your homework at home without the need for a classmate to take your homework.

In conclusion, the flipped classroom is simple and very attractive for students and teachers, a model that all schools, whether schools, universities or training centers should take advantage of for language learning, computer science, history, mathematics, marketing, science, etc. The flipped classroom offers a unique learning experience through a method that guarantees the quality of learning.


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