Aiming to enrich and enhance Dexway Analytics functionality of analysis and monitoring integrated in all our language courses, Dexway also has incorporated and a new tool which allows students to review and reinforce those units or concepts in which they have deficiencies in a personalized way. It also allows teachers and tutors to include those questions or strengthening exercises/ lessons considered relevant for their students, once done the analysis of the course objectives which they should consolidate.

Dexway methodology principal objective is that students achieve success in learning a language, innovating every day offering new educational elements for reinforcement and improvement language skills of their students. Dexway also integrates those educational resources which simplifies teachers work with monitoring and evaluation tools.


While a student is performing the Dexway language course, he or she can access to additional strengthening exercises after each lesson in order their weaknesses, practicing as many times as needed to achieve those goals. During the online course there will appear additional questions customized randomly, adjusting the level of difficulty as the student progress in the domain or ability of the subject he or she is studying. Students can practice, consult the documentation and repeat the strengthening exercises until they are satisfied.

Tutors, if they wish, can add their own exercises and lessons to the agenda questions, using the available Dexway questions setting their own questions.

With this new resource, Dexway improves the quality and innovation of their learning methodology and languages content, offering educational institutions a competitive advantage, facilitating the work to teachers and students achieving success in learning a language.

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