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The growth of the e-learning industry has led to a myriad of new opportunities. This is true for potential learners as well as teachers and the educational organisations they work within. For language schools in particular, the digital educational revolution has opened up a whole new angle for teaching revenue. The key issue here is that language schools are no longer limited to enrolling local students on classroom based courses.

Instead, they can seek to massively expand their potential market. They can develop and deliver online language courses using educational platforms and language applications. After all, in an increasingly competitive market, it is vital for your language school to keep up with new technologies.

Below are seven reasons why online language courses could give a big boost to business at your language school.


Why should language schools offer online courses?

If your language school is currently considering whether or not you should move into the online courses marketplace, you should probably consider the following points:


#1. It’s much more cost-effective than traditional classroom learning

One of the best things about delivering online language courses is that it’s much more cost-effective than more traditional learning.

High quality educational platforms and language applications are cost-effective. Our Dexway method, for example, allows language schools to deliver effective training experiences to more students for less money.

Features such as automated assessments mean that teachers need to dedicate far less marking time to each course. There are also far fewer limits on how many students can be enrolled at any one time.


#2. There’s a bigger potential market: students can enrol from anywhere in the world

Some language schools struggle to recruit students from their immediate geographical location after term has started. With online language courses, this is far less of a problem. Educational platforms and language applications allow schools to reach out to potential students anywhere in the world.

There is no need for students to be located geographically close to you. When they are enrolled in online courses, everything can be done digitally from wherever they are.


#3. Online courses and blended learning programmes are incredibly popular

Most students really enjoy taking part in digital learning experiences such as the Dexway method. Mobile learning applications have massively grown in popularity. Huge numbers of potential students are on the look out for professional language schools who can provide them with this.

Whether you choose to offer solely online language courses or blended learning programmes, where students receive a mixture of online and classroom based training, this is likely to be in high demand.


#4. Attract potential students that wouldn’t have time for a traditional class-based course

In the past, many potential language students found it hard to commit the time to learning. They were dissuaded by the time commitment they would have to give to a traditional course. This is far less of a barrier now, thanks to digital learning experiences such as the Dexway method.

Even the busiest of people can generally find time to engage. With online learning resources and language learning applications, they don’t need to leave their home to do it.


#5. Online language courses will allow you to expand within your current premises

Before the eLearning revolution, expanding for a language school meant expanding in physical space. They needed to find a way to physically fit more students into their existing premises, or even that they needed to move to a new one.

Luckily, that is no longer the case. Moving into the online marketplace can be a great way for language schools to expand, without having to disrupt their everyday logistics.


#6. Digital resources can make a teacher’s job easier

The tools and resources that are offered by digital education platforms and language applications are hugely helpful for teachers.

Automated assessment modules, exhaustive student tracking and preloaded teaching resources are all part of the reason why the Dexway method is so popular with teachers.


#7. Students have been shown to perform extremely well in online courses

In 2014 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a study that showed that students performed equally as well in online courses as they did in traditional classroom environments.

This is important as it means that language schools can be confident that they are delivering training to online students that is just as effective as the more traditional courses they offer.



How can you get started offering online language courses?

Would you like to know more about what the options are for taking your language courses online? The Dexway method is an excellent place to start as it comes complete with everything you need, including language applications.

To find out more about the Dexway method and how Dexway language applications could work for you, please get in touch to request a complimentary personalised consultation.


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