It is difficult to find something that you cannot do with a smartphone these days. You can shop, tune a guitar or book a hotel room on the other side of the world with an easy-to-use app. Of course, there are also language learning apps which allow you to start learning a new language at the click of a button.

language learning apps

So, what are the advantages of language learning apps?

Main advantages of language learning apps


Adjust the pace and relevant content

In a language course there are people from all kinds of backgrounds, with very different aptitudes and attitudes in the class. The teacher will be able to identify the abilities of each person, but the class must follow a uniform rhythm to which it is necessary to adapt. The reality is that there will be students who end up waiting for those who move a little slower or struggling to keep up with those who progress faster.

One of the most obvious advantages of an application is that you can customize the pace of learning. It also gives the user the option to choose to follow a course structured in lessons or skip some topics and go to a specific lesson on a specific topic.


Choose where and when to learn

A second key benefit of learning a language with a smartphone is choosing where and when to learn. Nowadays, many people live their lives immersed in hectic schedules and any free moment can be good to take advantage of and learn. In addition to this, you might not have the same availability every day and so the inflexibility of traditional classes can be inconvenient. Language learning apps allow you to take advantage of your free time to learn absolutely anywhere.


Reviews of what has been learned

Our memory is programmed to forget things that we do not use regularly. To prevent quickly assimilated content from being forgotten, many apps offer constant reviews of what has been learned. These reviews are essential to ensure that all the new information will be retrieved quickly and accurately, minimizing the risk of forgetting recently acquired knowledge As they are individual lessons, the platform will be able to capture what are the most difficult concepts and review them, ensuring successful learning.


You start talking from the beginning

Language has to do with human interaction, be it written or spoken. The four usual skills (reading, listening and speaking, and writing) are interconnected, so constant practice of all of them will significantly improve the learning process. Educational plans commonly place much more emphasis on writing and not enough on speaking.

Oral expression is the most crucial aspect of communicating well in this increasingly globalized world which is why language learning platforms place a great deal of importance on this skill. These smartphone apps aim to encourage the student to learn to speak as soon as possible. Knowing the vocabulary, set phrases, and grammar helps to keep a conversation going in no time. Of course, it is difficult to become truly fluent, but basic speaking skills can be acquired in weeks or even days.


Save time and money with language learning apps

As we mentioned before, many of the traditional language schools have not evolved to meet the needs of modern society – they are stuck in the past, with rigid schedules, outdated classes and books. In addition, their cost may make them an unrealistic option for some people.

A considerable amount of money can be saved by studying with an app. The subscription price for mobile applications is much lower than studying in language centers.

As we can see, online language learning has many advantages and is much better adapted to social changes and the needs of modern users. Thanks to the extension of new technologies to all areas, including education, many people who could not have allowed themselves to expand their knowledge in languages in the analog age, can do so easily, conveniently and economically today.


Dexway, language e-learning providers

At Dexway, as specialists in blended and online language teaching, we have a wide training offer that adapts to every teaching need. As an added extra to language study, we encourage flexible learning from anywhere and at any time of the day. Dexway self-study courses are available as a turnkey solution with Dexway LMS or SCORM license for your own e-learning platform.

Find out how easy it is to take advantage of all the benefits of e-learning to meet the language training needs of your company, organization or school.


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