English level certifications are widely required in educational and work contexts. Thanks to these tests, people show what their language skills are.

Dexway offers an International Language Certification to assess the linguistic proficiency, with numerous benefits not only for educational centers, but also for students who take the English certification tests.


What are the advantages of a Dexway English certification to your students compared to others?

As you well know, there are different certification bodies. The following are the major advantages to choose the English certifications issued by Dexway.

Girl takes an English level certification test on a computer

1. Original copy protection technology

For a certification system to be first rate, it must be reliable and must assess the level of English of each student fairly. With this objective in mind, our development team at Dexway has worked for a long time to develop and fine-tune an algorithm that makes plagiarism and fraud impossible in the English certification exam that we offer.


2. British and American English

The Dexway English Certification is available in British and American English. It is the only English certificate that provides this duality. Students nowadays appreciate very positively having the opportunity to choose which variety of English to be examined in, no matter where they are in the world.


3. Shorter English level exams

This is primarily one of the main advantages for students. At times, the excessive length of the exams make students feel overwhelmed and lose concentration, especially the younger ones.

For this reason, at Dexway we have developed exercises designed to carry out a complete and exhaustive evaluation but optimized to carry it out in less time. For example, the average is 60 minutes, and there is even a 45-minute English exam for young teenagers.

Short exams favor concentration and contribute to obtaining better overall results.


4. Unrestricted exam calls

Each organization accredited to administer Dexway examinations can prepare as many calls as they want. Consequently, if your center needs to offer multiple appointments for your students throughout the year, you are free to do so. Now, imagine the great advantage that this means for your students.

They will no longer have to wait for the next certification exam call, out of the few that take place every year  at a high price.


5. Assessment of language skills in real situations

Our English tests recreate authentic situations and conversations. This lets students show their English skills in a practical way and it also lets them demonstrate that they are able to communicate in daily and professional situations.

Likewise, there is a type of exam for each educational or professional need. For example, we find a certification for children called Young Learners or the Business exam, especially designed for business schools or company personnel selection processes.


6. Technological and user-friendly virtual environment

More than 40 years of experience in educational technology support us. Thanks to our long-lasting experience, we can provide digital solutions that stand out for being easy-to-use virtual environments.

Today, the user experience shown to students in Dexway exams is a guarantee of quality and safety.


7. More affordable and cheaper international certifications

Dexway certifications are used by authorized centers around the world and their recognition is international. As a teacher, you are surely interested in your students being able to obtain an official and recognized English certification. However, the high price of English certifications is often a deterrent for many people.

At Dexway, we work to make language training and certification increasingly accessible. As a result, we provide a system that assesses the English level at a lower price.


8. Official certification issued by Dexway and your educational center

Unlike other certification systems, Dexway’s certification is issued in collaboration with the accredited center or institution, so the exams are taken under the framework of the institution itself. Thus, the diplomas provided bear Dexway’s stamp and those of the collaborating center or school.


9. No pass or fail

There is no pass or fail in Dexway exams. The results simply reveal the exact level of the examined student according to the CEFR (A2, B1, B2, C1). Consequently, it is motivating for students and they feel that taking the test is worthwhile. On the other hand, it is a tool for teachers to see students’ real level, rather than just a grade.


10. Fast available results

The exams are designed in such a way that they allow the LMS educational platform, specialized in languages, to automatically calculate the score for each section and the overall score of the exam through an algorithm. This facilitates the teacher’s task of correction. Thanks to this technological help, it is possible to give grades swiftly without involving a high workload.


How can I offer the Dexway language certification in my educational center?

If you are a professional who is part of a training center (high school, university) or a language school and you want your students to be certified, you must accredit your organization as an authorized center to issue certificates with Dexway.

The process is very simple. Contact us and our team will inform you of the different options, rates and steps to follow.


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