Dexway international certification exams

Dexway offers its authorized centers the possibility to let their students take part in an international certification exam: depending on the result, the students will be able to obtain different levels: B1 (intermediate), B2 (upper-intermediate), C1 (advanced). There are no fails but an indication of the level in which the student is.

100% online / blended, effective, flexible and fast.

Some of the advantages for the Dexway’s authorized centers are:
  • Speed in obtaining students’ results.
  • More accessible and reduced expenses for the center/students.
  • Less time to correct: let teachers avoid the tedious task of correction and evaluation.
  • There is no need to travel.
  • Calls are even more flexible, and by doing these online and blended certification exams offer the same guaranties as the face-to-face exams.
  • Use of the latest technology and security systems backed up with 40 years of experience internationally.

Available internationally only for authorized centers.

Aplicaciones Dexway para Android, iOs y Windows


Traditional certification system of academic rigor. The exam consists of the assessment of knowledge and skills aligned with the Common European Framework of Languages.


For those centers that need to have available an effective, fast and flexible system regarding the calls of the exam. By these means, it let centers know if their students can attend to classes, go on an Erasmus scholarship or to access University. Procedures that require a mandatory level of English.

For those centers that need to have an effective, fast and flexible system with the exam calls. Appropriate to know if your students will be able to attend the lessons, go on Erasmus, or access University, requiring, for example, a B1 or B2 level to access center.

ENGLISH CERTIFICATION EXAM: 60 minutes, Business expertise

The purpose is to save costs and time in the selection process or access the training module of business study centers.

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