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Dexway, CAEs language division, an expertise company in developing online and offline  language e-learning training courses since 1981. Our focus has always been in making language e-learning more accessible in all the levels and in maintaining our leadership in developing and commercializing language e-learning solutions integrated in the educational field. Extensive experience has been gathered for more than three decades consolidating Dexway as training experts.  In addition, numerous benefits are provided as we work through an only manufacturer and supplier.

Newsway is a professional magazine in which we share the latest news from the sector. Interviews, in depth reports, exclusive studies, relevant articles and all of the information you need to know to staty up-to-date.

In this Dexway blog, Newsway, you will find everything that you need to know about online and offline language e-learning training courses, updates and events. You will learn everything you will need to know about how to improve your training skills in a professional environment. This way you will be able to choose and design the contents that you will need to achieve a successful learning experience guaranteed by our Dexway language e-learning training expertise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Virtual Classroom

Growth is important in any business. Language schools and training facilities have to keep this in mind just as much as in any other industry. One of the most important ways that language schools grow is by finding ways to enrol higher student numbers. Enrolling more...

What Will Language Learning Look Like in the Future?

Traditionally, formal language lessons took place in a classroom with students at their desks and a teacher at the front. Almost all speaking and listening practice took place in this format, and students were given grammatical and vocabulary based tasks to complete...