Dexway’s new online courses for employability, English Soft Skills, work on the skills related to people’s behaviour: their communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork or how they manage emotions. These social skills are some of the most sought after when applying for a job nowadays. Therefore, it is essential that people are aware just how important these so-called soft skills are, as well as the fact that they are as necessary as learning other, more traditional, subjects.

That’s why Dexway courses are doubly useful – they allow the student to practise English while learning more about these skills.


Online courses for employability with artificial intelligence


Online courses for employability, more important than ever in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become omnipresent in a very short time. This is due to its transformative potential and its rapid acceptance in practically all areas of life, even the most mundane ones. That is why enhancing social skills, or soft skills, takes on a new perspective. In order to deal with the world of “ubiquitous” artificial intelligence, we also need a world of people trained in the most human aspects of life. In reality, technology is nothing more than the sum of what we do with it, and there are aspects of daily life in which it cannot replace us.

For example, online courses for employability such as Dexway’s stress management course (AI English: Stress Management and Ergonomics in the Workplace) are essential in a society that always seems to be trying to race one step ahead.

Ultimately, these skills allow you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology, as well as adapt to the changes and challenges it poses.


Why are soft skills important?

As we have mentioned above, these interpersonal skills are essential when interacting with other people, adapting to changes, innovating and generating value in any professional context.

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for establishing strong relationships with colleagues, clients and superiors, which in turn fosters a collaborative and productive work environment. Additionally, empathy and the ability to understand the perspectives and needs of others are very important for building strong interpersonal relationships and resolving conflicts constructively. In an ever-changing business environment, adaptability and flexibility are key to meeting new challenges and taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Soft skills such as creativity and the ability to think critically are essential for innovation, as they allow professionals to approach complex problems from different angles and find ingenious solutions.

Ultimately, these soft skills not only contribute to individual success, but are also crucial to organisational success; helping companies foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and customer service excellence. In summary, soft skills are a vital component for professional growth and development in any field, as they strengthen human relationships, drive creativity and promote adaptability in a constantly evolving business world.


Dexway Soft Skills Courses

The Dexway catalogue features a range of 7 courses (30h/course) designed to cover a wide variety of common situations and tasks that occur in the modern workplace. These courses, known as Dexway Soft Skills, have been meticulously planned to provide students with the tools necessary to develop and improve these key interpersonal skills, all of which are essential in today’s work environment.

Dexway Soft Skills courses are not simply limited to theory but also offer a dynamic combination of activities ranging from listening and reading comprehension to mastering specific vocabulary related to interpersonal skills. Through practical exercises and contextualised situations, students have the opportunity to apply and strengthen their ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively as a team, resolve conflicts constructively, and show leadership in different work scenarios.

Additionally, these courses are supported by Dexway’s cutting-edge technology, offering a fully interactive learning experience – featuring a variety of multimedia resources and progress tracking tools. It includes AI-evaluated tasks (writing or speaking activities), as well as role-plays to practice oral and written real-life work situations in English.


Dexway Soft Skills Course Catalogue with AI

  • AI Empowerment, Motivation and Leadership (A2)
  • AI English for IT Professionals (B1)
  • AI English: Digital Marketing (B1)
  • AI English: Stress Management and Ergonomics in the Workplace (B1)
  • AI English: Job Interviews (B1)
  • AI English: Multitasking (B1)
  • AI English: Remote Work and Virtual Training Sessions (B1)


If you are interested in offering your students or employees online courses for employability, you can contact us to request our course catalogue.


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