Dexway language laboratories are effective tools for language teaching as they allow complete immersion in the face-to-face classroom, but language labs vary greatly: what sets Dexway language laboratories apart? They engage students in the subject, encourage participation, and support interactions between students and the instructor. In addition, they include artificial intelligence functions to enhance learning and make practicing more dynamic and autonomous.

Dexway Language Lab Courses go a few steps forward than a regular language lab. Using the Dexway Methodology (by CAE), which uses a natural and progressive learning technique, students learn the language intuitively through the use and practice of the language. Dexway is also the only company in the market that is capable of powering language lab solutions for classrooms around the world with little or no internet access. Our courses ensure that both students and teachers have access to every tool necessary to achieve successful progress and completion of each course; featuring solutions like in-course grammar help and a teacher’s pack with handbook extra practice exercises.


What sets Dexway language labs apart? 100% immersion


According to The Tribune newspaper, these laboratories are designed to motivate and involve students via an interface which is rich in audiovisual content and interactive exercises to develop language proficiency. This is precisely what Dexway language labs achieve with their interactive activities, videos, AI functions, tests, etc.


So, what sets Dexway language laboratories apart?

Let’s take a look at the main features of the Dexway language lab innovations. There are eight languages available through Dexway’s language labs; the most popular being U.S. English, U.K. English, and Spanish which include CEFR levels from A1 to C1. Other languages such as Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian are available from level A1 to A2. Courses include a placement test and modules with interactive vocabulary exercises, applied grammar activities, pronunciation practice, and other language skills for a structured, progressive classroom.


#1 Offer Courses with Little or No Internet

Dexway is offering a full comprehensive language course that is able to run on a local network. For locations with weak internet access or institutions that prohibit internet access, like correctional facilities, Dexway brings language laboratories that only require Internet connection for the initial local installation on the network computers, for regular system updates, and to access student’s course analytics. This capability guarantees that no language center lacks the ability to provide language courses and that all students have access to this type of learning.


#2 Cost-Effective Way to Reach Unlimited Students

Language labs supporting these types of language courses usually charge per student using the course. Dexway language labs offer licenses for the number of computers available in the classroom regardless of the amount of students who use them. Language centers are then able to provide this service to an unlimited number of students.


#3 Language Learning for Everyone, at Every Level

Another thing that differentiates Dexway language labs is that the courses available for its labs follow a natural teaching method that is easy for all students to follow by every student independent of skill, educational, or technological level. Dexway courses are designed for anyone over the age of 14 years old and sports an incredibly easy-to-use interface. Every student begins the courses by taking a placement test that places them at their correct language level and plans their course accordingly. From language schools in rural Brazil to correctional facilities in the U.S. to Universities in Europe, Dexway language lab courses adapt for each student’s needs.

In addition, the artificial intelligence activities in Dexway courses, such as oral role-plays, allow for enjoyable and effective practice, which does not require the constant presence of a tutor or even another classmate.


#4 Student Monitoring and Evaluation

Most language courses and labs provide a very basic look into the student’s progress-on-goals; meaning teachers are not able to objectively pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their classes and adjust the class accordingly. With Dexway analytics for language labs, teachers and students have a clear goal for each unit and course as well as measurement for how well student’s objectives are being met. If an instructor detects a weakness in one of the four skills of language learning: listening, reading, speaking, and writing, he or she can alter each lesson to fit the needs of the class.


#5 Teacher’s Pack Available in Dexway Language Labs

Dexway courses were created by top pedagogical professionals to provide high-level language learning through structured methodology and content. These same professionals have also created a comprehensive teacher’s guide available for each Dexway course with a course handbook, activities and exercises tailored to every level, printable classroom activities, and more. Teacher’s can refer to this pack to supplement their language lab teaching with more language practice for students.


Through the innovative courses we offer, everyone can have hassle-free access to learn a foreign language. Our language labs are flexible and can easily be tailored to fit any organization’s needs and objectives. Clients all over the world in the USA, Europe, and LATAM already trust Dexway language labs for their language learning solutions.


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