Dexway language courses have recently undergone some changes with the addition of new functions and tasks powered by artificial intelligence. Virtual tutorials or evaluations and feedback for writing and speaking tasks are just two examples, but there are many more. As one of our most successful versions, Dexway Academy includes some of these features, but we have also launched another version: Dexway Academy AI Role-play. This new range of courses, with an increased number of total hours, features role-play activities in all units in order to encourage free and autonomous practice of spontaneous oral and written skills like never before.


Dexway Academy AI Role-play


Languages are taught with the aim of enabling people to speak and write in real-life contexts: meetings and business trips, tourism, socialising, reading, etc. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect; in other words, only by practising can you reach a truly proficient level. Dexway courses have always stood out for being 100% practical and interactive, providing each student with a natural, progressive learning process (learning by doing), with grammar that is learned through practice.

One of the aspects most valued by our students has always been Dexway’s conversation groups, which allow leaners to put everything they have learnt into practice by conversing with other students. However, due to time constraints not everyone is able to meet up with other students. Some people may even find it difficult to speak in public in another language when they do not feel confident enough.


Role-plays for unlimited practice

The role-play exercises included in Dexway Academy AI Role-play feature in each of the units throughout the course and allow you to practice the objectives you have just studied. Verb tenses, vocabulary, etc., which have been covered in the previous lessons of the unit, are put to the test in a free face-to-face conversation with an artificial intelligence character. The role plays take the form of a pleasant conversation which can be conducted in both oral and in written form.



If you would like to know more about how our role-play activity with artificial intelligence works, please request our brochure.



These exercises facilitate spontaneous practice, with the student leading and the AI responding, according to the flow of the conversation. If the conversation dries up, the AI will ask new questions to keep the dialogue going. As well as being trained to work on the CEFR objectives of the course, it is also trained to stay on the topic in question. In other words, if the learner tries to change the subject, the AI will not allow them to do so and will politely point out that they should return to the conversation.


Advantages of role-play in language teaching

Written and spoken role-play practice activities offer your students the opportunity to exercise their skills whenever they want, regardless of their schedules, and for as long as necessary. No timetables, no time restrictions… let’s take a look at the many benefits this new activity can offer:

  • Flexible timetable: these activities are fully available on the platform, ready to be used at any time of day, just like the rest of the Dexway course syllabus. Unlike chat groups, this interaction does not need other people to be connected in order to work.
  • Practice without time restrictions: the conversation in the role-play activity can continue for as long as the learner sees fit. The conversation evolves according to the information provided by the student and the AI.
  • Free practice in writing and speaking, with the option to alternate. It is the student who chooses how they will participate in each intervention, meaning they can choose to focus on their strongest or weakest skills.
  • Informal context to build confidence: speaking in front of a stranger (or in front of other people) can often cause nervousness. Public speaking can be a challenge, but this activity allows learners to participate with complete peace of mind.
  • Development of language skills: this activity gives students the opportunity to improve oral fluency, grammar and vocabulary.


The role-play tasks combine with the rest of the artificial intelligence functions on offer in Dexway courses. Innovative activities that allow for a more comprehensive, autonomous and effective learning experience.

Featuring the innovative virtual tutor with artificial intelligence, available 24×7, which resolves students’ doubts in real time, as they arise. Also including the correction of writing and speaking activities with comments to help the student assess how well they have done (not just a simple mark) and guide and motivate them to improve. To find out all the details of the AI tasks in Dexway language courses, please contact us.


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