Why is the Flipped Classroom the most effective blended method? Dexway offers an effective and innovative solution for the education sector, with the aim of enriching traditional on-site education with the benefits of blended learning: The flipped classroom. In this sense, Dexway, in response to the growing need to combine on-site training with online training, facilitates a complete range of tools so that the teacher can personalize their on-site classes, while students live a unique learning experience by taking the English course.


Why is the blended or flipped classroom of Dexway effective for learning English?

flipped classroom dexway


#1. Blended learning:

Our methodology combines e-learning teaching, through online courses with interactive multimedia content, with on-site teaching. Courses designed in a way in which the two systems complement each other perfectly, facilitating efficiency in the teaching-learning process.

#2. Active learning:

Dexway courses integrate an active learning methodology through which students participate in interactive activities that promote motivation, creativity, integration, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of content. Students move from being passive subjects to active participants in the learning process.

#3. Individual and group teaching:

Blended courses that allow the adaptation and individualization of the teaching-learning process. Students work online courses at their own pace using resources based on their needs outside the classroom. And during the on-site classes the teacher interacts much more with his students and dedicates more time to make them understand and acquire knowledge, in this way educators attend the diversity of the classroom more easily.

#4. Flipped Classroom: Practical teaching:

The main objective of the Dexway courses is for students to learn outside the classroom by doing the online course while they practice, in a way that allows them to make sense of the theoretical contents with practice. At the same time that the on-site classes are transformed into dynamic, creative and participatory classes, practicing in a group what they have learned and solving the doubts and deficiencies of the English course.

#5. Communicative teaching:

Course activities promote interaction with the language as the ultimate goal of the learning process. Students have the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences and interests in English in order to master the language.

#6. Collaborative learning:

In order to promote active learning, in class students join to work in pairs or in organized groups. Achieving their academic goals by performing group tasks enhancing their personal abilities. The teacher becomes a facilitator in the language learning process.

Dexway offers an English learning methodology that has evolved over the years becoming the most complete educational solution; Noting for its effort in the development and application of technology and the most innovative pedagogical methods for the improvement of learning processes.


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