Potential language students now have a whole world of different learning options to choose from thanks to dynamic training resources. Traditional in person courses are always popular, but they are by no means the only option.

Instead, language learners can enjoy the many benefits of online learning, wherever they are on the planet and whatever time of day they want to study. One of the major benefits of online language courses is that they are the most flexible learning option, which is why so many potential language learners sign up for this kind of course every day.

Of course, flexibility isn’t the only reason that potential language learners choose online language courses. Digital educational solutions are also a great way for potential language learners to get the benefit of dynamic training resources.

It’s key to note, however, that dynamic training resources aren’t limited to online language courses. Many classroom based in person training programmes also offer these kind of training resources through blended learning and flipped classroom educational programmes.

Dexway Languages Online Method

What are dynamic training resources?

Training resources can typically be characterised as dynamic when they use up to the minute digital technologies to engage, entertain and educate students.

This includes learning resources and tools such as:

  • Multi device learning; giving students the opportunity to log into their learning space from various devices in order to enable them to maximise the effectiveness of their studying time.
  • Immersion activities; these type of learning exercises allow students to learn a language in the same way they learnt their first language.
  • Voice recognition technology: the use of voice recognition technology in language training exercises allows students to be confident that their pronunciation is correct.
  • Conversation Groups; real conversations are key for anyone who is serious about learning a language. Dynamic online language courses such as Dexway Online give students the ability to join a virtual classroom with real fellow students at any time. This is such a valuable resource as it means students will always have people on hand to practice their speaking and listening skills with.
  • Real-time monitoring; monitoring tools may not be the first thing that come to mind when considering teaching resources, but they are actually incredibly useful in this sense. When course leaders have access to intelligent real time monitoring tools, they are able to keep a very close eye on the progress of each of their students. This makes it possible for them to tailor the course for each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and also for them to intervene when necessary.

How can dynamic training resources be used effectively in online language courses?

Online language courses are the natural home of interactive digital resources. Good quality eLearning solutions offer a wide range of this type of learning resources, all of which are designed to increase and lengthen student engagement.

The more engaged language students are in their course, the more likely they are to succeed in their learning goals. This is why it is so important to choose an online training solution that effectively incorporates active training tools.

How can Interactive training media be utilised in a traditional classroom environment?

Interactive digital training resources may seem a better fit as part of online language courses, but this certainly isn’t the only way to get the benefit of more engaging digital training.

More and more classroom based in person language courses are coming round to see the benefits of incorporating a wide range of digital resources into their curriculum. Blended learning and flipped classroom programmes are massively gaining in popularity. There is a very simple reason for this: a blended learning or flipped classroom programme can give students the very best of both learning worlds.

On the one side, language students within these settings are getting the benefit of face to face contact with a teacher. However, they are also getting the benefit of flexible learning opportunities and engaging digital resources. Both of these factors can have a real impact on how successful students are in their learning journeys. For this reason, blended learning and flipped classroom inspired courses are most definitely worth exploring.

Is there an easy way to incorporate dynamic training resources into your current teaching?

If your language school or other organisation are looking into how to incorporate more engaging training content into your current courses, the answer might be simpler than you think.

Dexway online courses (CAE) offer a wide range of engaging digital resources, and there are also blended learning educational solutions that are designed to be fully compatible with blended learning and flipped classroom programmes.

Think this could be the right next step for your language school or organisation? Get in touch to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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