Learning a foreign language has many benefits. It can help people make better decisions, aid executive brain function and even increase earning potential. There are also a wide range of benefits for businesses that employ workers with language skills. After all, the more languages an organisation has at its disposal, the more marketplace opportunities they’ll be able to take advantage of.

If a company doesn’t have employees with foreign language skills they could be seriously missing out. A study from the UK, the EU member state with the highest proportion of upper secondary students not studying a second language, has estimated that the country’s deficit of foreign language skills costs their economy around £48 billion per year.

The reality here is simple: any business that wants to grow in an international marketplace will need employees with foreign language skills. This is why more and more companies are investing in foreign language e-learning training for their team.

In the past e-learning has had one serious drawback against face-to-face training. This drawback was that there was very little feedback available. Feedback is particularly important for learning a language, so the lack of it often meant that digital courses just weren’t as effective.


Speech Language recognition software increases efficiency

Today’s language e-courses have addressed this issue. Advances in speech recognition technology mean that e-learning course providers have been able to create an effective way for students to practice their spoken language skills and find out whether they’re getting it right.

Voice recognition software can be paired with digital e-courses to invite students to ‘talk back’ to the course and check their pronunciation. This is really valuable as it enables students to quickly correct mistakes and improve their skills.

Online speech recognition programmes can also make it easier than ever for language students to practice conversing in the language they are learning. The best voice recognition software is designed to be intelligent enough to hold a sensible conversation with the person using it. This is great for language students. If they’re using a digital training course that includes voice recognition technology they’ll always have a willing native speaker on hand to practice with. This can help them to gain confidence and improve quickly… ready to take on the next international business opportunity.

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