Teachers love digital platforms

Digital learning platforms have significantly changed the face of education. This is true of all spheres: online learning, offline learning and blended learning. It’s also true of all educational organisation types, including schools, colleges, universities and language training institutions.

In recent years, there has been plenty of discussion surrounding digital learning platforms and their benefits. Do they make it easier for students? In our opinion, yes, without a doubt and in this day and age it´s deffintiely a sound investment. Although, its also important to remember that it is not just the students that benefit. The teachers can as well!

What are digital learning platforms?

So what kind of teach is out there? Before it’s possible to really understand how much teachers have to gain from online learning platforms and software, it’s vital to know what tech types are there exactly.

A digital learning platform is a piece of software designed to heavily assist during the educational process. There are a range of options available depending on the specific needs of the institution. They include: learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), as well as virtual classroom tools and virtual learning environments (VLE).

The Dexway method can assist with language courses and language training in three ways:


1. Offering online digital learning platform software.
  • This consists of a wide variety of language courses and designed to suit every need.
2. Giving support with language learning specific digital tools.
  • Dexway has specially designed tools for language schools and other educational institutions who want to offer a blended learning programme to their students.
3. Providing online language lab software.
  • This is ideal for use in both more traditional language training programmes and blended learning language courses.

How do digital learning platforms enrich language training?

Digital learning platforms enrich language courses by adding a whole extra dimension. Educational organisations are no longer limiting learning only to the classroom. Instead, students can access high quality effective learning resources from wherever they are, whenever they choose.

Educational platforms are also hugely beneficial to the learning process. They allow for a great deal more creativity and expression in language training programmes. Digital platforms are seemlesly compatible with methodologies such as Flipped Classroom as well as more general blended learning principles. This enriches the learning environment with added resources and materiales, giving extra time for problem solving and practical application.

Online resources and the Dexway method also open up a whole new world of educational opportunities. Students are able to have much greater access to language lab exercises, multimedia materials, pre-recorded classes and virtual conversations. The student uses all of this interacting with both artificial intelligence software and their fellow students.

Why are digital learning platforms beneficial to language teachers?

Teachers can benefit  a great deal from digital learning platforms and the Dexway method, too. If you’re wondering how the teachers in your organisation could be better organised, more effective educators and significantly lighten their workload, digital software may be the answer.

Here´s a few resons why digital learning platforms are so beneficial for teachers:

1. Planning lessons are a great deal easier.

The Dexway method can help you with this, saving a lot of time and stress for teachers.

2. It´s extremely creative.

Educational platforms and online language courses can give teachers the space to be more creative. Blended learning programmes allow teachers to incorporate fantastic multimedia resources.

3. It´s completely autometed if you want it to be.

Traditionally, teachers have had to spend a lot of time marking work. One of the great things about educational platforms is that this can be completely automated. This means teachers can get all the benefits of student tracking and monitoring, without having to spend hours making students exercises by hand.

4. You have freedom.

Teachers who are running blended learning programmes are able to personalise classes as and when they see fit. Classroom time is precious and digital learning platforms help teachers maximise class potential. Instead of needing to spend the time sharing information in more of a lecture format, they can use the flipped classroom model to share that information online in a video format and then use class time for group tasks and discussions.

5. A clear view of students progress.

Extensive student monitoring tools mean that teachers can see clearly which students need additional help and who is excelling.

6. Topic reviews made easy.

Educational platforms give teachers the ability to see at a glance which areas and topics need to be readdressed in class time. They also show which topics their students are more confident with.

7. It´s satisfying.

Studies have shown that students perform better with high quality digital tools at their disposal. Of course, the better students perform, the more rewarding it is for their teachers.

8. Teaching with one step ahead of the rest.

Communication between students and teachers is much more intuitive with an educational platform.


Could the Dexway method improve your language courses? If you think that your educational institution, and your teachers, could benefit from working with a digital learning platform like the ones we have to offer, please get in touch.


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