As the famous saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”

When companies partner together to promote each other’s brands, products, and services, everybody wins. Not every company is great at everything, so joining forces with someone who has products or services that are too costly for you to offer yourself is beneficial. That’s why many companies become resellers and distributors for other products instead of manufacturing their own.

Educational resellers are those that resell or distribute solutions and services specific to the educational sector. Products can range from eLearning software to computer monitors to language learning courses. In the educational sector, becoming a reseller is even more beneficial as there are thousands and thousands of solutions for education and no one company can manufacture them all. Different educational institutions also have different needs and requirements, being a full service educational reseller than can provide institutions with everything they need is key for business survival.


The term reseller covers a very broad spectrum including VARs, resellers, distributors, affiliates, retailers, partners, channel partners, and referral partners. Essentially, educational resellers act as the liaison, or middle man, between educational solution providers and the end-user client. This can be done to increase client reach, profitability, product range, and another added value that gives incentive to the reseller to move that product or solution.


What are the perks of becoming an educational reseller?

The answer consists of many reasons. The educational sector community is large and competitive; basically, it doesn’t hurt to have friends in good places. Becoming an educational reseller means partnering up with another company to offer your clients the best possible available solution or product on the market while also improving your brand recognition, sales, and profitability.


#1 Decrease Spending, Increase Profits

Fact: Purchasing directly from a manufacturer is the key to saving money. The economical principal about economies of scale states that as production quantity increases, the cost to produce that product or solution, decreases. As manufacturers mass produce items that most companies do not have the resource to do, they are able to offer their educational resellers low factory prices for their solutions. Resellers then mark up the product to retail MSRP value and easily turn a profit. Buying from other resellers or distributors can be costly as they have already marked up the price they paid the manufacturer for.


#2 Sales and Marketing Support

Everyone knows the goal of partnerships is to increase company value – either monetary or brand value. Becoming an educational reseller doesn’t only mean selling another company’s solution or product, but also receiving sales and marketing support for doing so. Most educational solution providers help their resellers with resources like product PDFs, videos, printed flyers, e-flyers, corporate branding, marketing packages, and any other tool that may help the reseller sell the provider’s product. Less work for the reseller means they can focus on moving products that are basically selling themselves.


#3 Technical Support

For educational resellers selling upwards of 1,000 different products, there is absolutely no way to manage all of the technical support needed for those solutions. Here is where the perk of being a reseller comes in: providers offer their own technical support for their own products. No hassle, no headaches for the reseller who can simply hand their clients a phone number for a technical support line or an email address for the technical support inbox.


#4 Training and Support

Buying and selling a product effectively requires knowledge and experience of working with that product. Especially in the IT and software sector, educational resellers must have thorough knowledge of how every product works. They could spend hours researching and testing out every product they have, but they don’t. Another perk of becoming an educational reseller is that training and support for the products is usually fully included in the contract. Educational resellers transfer the burden of needing tons of IT knowledge from your company to theirs. This means you don’t need to spend your time researching the solutions available, getting trained, attending workshops, and so on. They absorb this burden and can provide you with a quick, detailed and accurate knowledge on-demand as a service. Want to know what educational solution is right for you? A thirty minute meeting with your contact at a reseller might save you days of research and lost sales.

Becoming an educational reseller is the key to business survival in the 21st century. Partnerships between educational providers and resellers increase the reseller’s range of products and clientele, increase productivity of their sales force along with profitability, and helps the educational community as a whole.


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