There are many added benefits to working with an authoring tool when creating online language courses. Dexway solutions with Dexway Authoring Tool allows users to customize 100% of their content and create their own courses from scratch quickly and easily by accessing all of Dexway’s resources, tested materials and R&D.

Dexway Authoring Tool teachers

Out of all the benefits of working with Dexway Authoring Tool, we want to focus on one in particular that should never be overlooked by teachers: collaborative work.

Collaborative Work with Dexway Authoring Tool

Dexway Authoring Tool promotes teamwork among teachers at the same language center, school or university, utilizing collective tasks to combine each other’s talent to create online courses. By combining each teacher’s expertise, the course quality increases and tasks can be completed in a shorter time.


# 1 Coordinating online development: work sharing

Each teacher has their own account in Dexway Authoring Tool, which lets them make their own adjustments to the curriculum, keeping their students in mind. Teachers can also collaborate with other teachers at their center to develop courses together.

The LCMS specialized in Dexway languages encourages teamwork by allowing courses to be created and shared with the rest of the teachers, who can also modifiy them. In this way, the online courses can be distributed by lesson or level and teachers can customize the content by rearranging the order of the lessons, adding their own materials, creating new exercises, etc.


# 2 Sense of unity and uniform teaching at the center

It is customary for each teacher to prepare their own materials for their classes. Sharing them through Dexway Authoring Tool is the easiest way to automatically make them available to colleagues, if so desired.

The same thing applies to all the extra exercises created; they can be shared with other teachers who can incorporate them, creating their own shared exercise bank that everyone can receive and contribute to.


# 3 More creative work

Joining efforts and sharing ideas helps shape the courses due to individual contributions, thus resulting in more creative work. Dexway Authoring Tool offers collaborative work options to design more creative and original courses, as opposed to working separately, by supporting the use of templates to create fully interactive exercises and allowing real-time monitoring and evaluation.


# 4 Productivity: save time when implementing a curriculum

Working together as a team to create and edit language courses enables faster progress. It also ensures better time management. Thanks to feedback from Dexway Authoring Tool users, it is less likely to get stuck at any point in the course.


# 5 Greater commitment, sense of permanence and involvement

Teachers are even more commited to creating and editing online courses since their work has a big impact on their students. It can even help to strengthen relationships between teachers who teach at the same center.


Dexway Authoring Tool encourages teamwork among faculty from the same center with the aim to make quicker changes to courses and harness the talent of each teacher in a joint effort that all students can benefit from, not just those enrolled with a certain teacher.


Dexway Authoring Tool, the only authoring tool specialized in languages, has been developed by CAE’s language division, which has more than 35 years of experience in e-learning training. This tool lets you create online courses from scratch using all of Dexway’s materials and resources and teachers’ own material, so courses can be ready in no time at all.

In addition, you can modify any version of Dexway’s proven courses (Academy, Certificate, Communicate, etc.).

It also has an excellent collaborative work system so that all teachers from the same center, school or university can participate in creating the course, distinguishing their center from the rest.


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