Online language courses are becoming more and more popular. Figures released earlier this year showed that almost six million people were enrolled in at least one online course in the United States of America alone. Trends show that this number is set to keep rising over the coming years.

The online learning industry is developing new digital technologies to keep up with these increases. With more and more students opting to study languages online or looking for courses that offer blended learning options, online course providers are seeking to find new ways for language schools to meet the needs of their existing and potential students.

A large number of language schools have invested in learning content management system (LCMS) technology in order to improve their provision for distance learning students. LCMS technology has a huge number of benefits, for the training providers, their administrative staff, their tutors and, most importantly, their students.

LCMS languages platform


If you’re planning to look into online language courses in the new year, here’s why it’s a good idea to look for a course that is taught through a LCMS.


1. They’re easy to use

The kind of digital resources available for those who study languages online varies hugely. Some language schools have invested time and money in setting up learning management systems that make things easier for their students, whereas other training providers are still trying to make other options work for them.

A learning management system will be easy for you to use as a student. The technology we use to teach our Dexway online courses is extremely intuitive and straightforward, meaning that all students have to worry about is the course content itself.


2. You’ll be able to access course content from any device

Many people who choose to access online language courses do so because they are too busy to commit to an in-person course and therefore need a flexible option.

The great thing about online language courses that are taught via an LCMS is that you can be confident they will work on whatever device you have to hand. Whether you have a couple of hours to spend while sitting at your laptop, or just fifteen minutes with your smartphone between meetings: an LCMS based course will work perfectly on whatever device you want it to.


3. LCMS systems support blended learning

Blended learning is a huge growth area and something that anyone setting out to study languages online should be aware of. It’s been known for decades that everyone takes in information and learns differently, but it’s only in recent years that educational organisations and training providers have started to take this seriously.

LCMS systems make it easy for language schools to teach using blended learning techniques. This means that you can expect to be taught using a mix of live virtual classes, group activities, written resources and individual study. An LMS can host all of these things, and many more, from within one central learning hub.


4. You won’t need to download anything to get started

Most LCMS software is cloud based. This is great news for you as the student as it means you won’t have to download software onto your own computer in order to get started.


5. All communication options will be built in

Choosing to study languages online doesn’t mean that you don’t want a personal service. All good blended learning courses should give students the ability to communicate with their tutor and fellow students throughout the course. An LCMS system will offer a range of different ways to communicate with the people you need, including video and audio chat facilities, and live chat options as well as standard email style messaging.


6. You’ll have a range of options for practicing spoken language skills

When you set out to learn a language, it’s important that you give yourself ample opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills. In the past this has been the downfall of online courses as they haven’t been able to rival face-to-face courses in terms of conversational opportunities. This has changed with the advent of learning content management systems.

Study languages online with the help of an LCMS and you will find a whole world of conversational opportunities opens up right on your own laptop, tablet or smartphone. As a distance learner you can choose to connect with other learners over video and audio chat to practice your skills and compare notes. This type of revision is so important as part of a full blended learning course programme.

If you are interested in the benefits of opting to study languages online through a learning content management system, there are plenty more to choose from. Here’s everything you can expect from our Dexway online language courses.


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