The benefits of collaborative learning are not lost on anybody: in a world where teamwork is regarded as a key to advancement, Social Learning is seen as trending and Dexway places great emphasis on it in their language courses.

Social Learning - Dexway

Social Learning refers to a learning method in which several students collaborate, interacting with each other and joining forces. In the field of e-learning these collaborations are very positive because they provide the social component that many students miss when they take an online course.


Advantages of Social Learning for Language Studies

Some of the main advantages of Social Learning applicable to languages include:


Dexway language solutions are well aware of how important social aspects are to students and that is why Dexway courses include several social formulas to meet students’ needs.

Few students doubt the effectiveness of e-learning, but there are many who don’t end up taking an online course out of fear of not being able to stay motivated and finish the course. To get rid of these fears, Dexway offers entertaining and interactive courses with access to social components that act as an incentive for students. They allow students to practice what they have learned, meet other people with similar interests, work as a team and encourage each other to achieve their goals.


Dexway Student Community

Dexway’s self-learning courses can include access to the Dexway student community, where all students studying the same language can connect in one place. From this community, you can set up live conversation groups through chat or videoconference or participate in the various message boards.



The Dexway community has a gamification system (achievements) where students who participate the most gain levels for their avatar and this is reflected in the stars that appear next to their name when they participate. These types of incentives encourage students to stay motivated.


# Conversation groups

Students can use live conversation groups to practice the lessons they are currently studying. In this way, they strengthen and improve the main language skills: speaking and writing, as well as listening and reading (in addition to pronunciation) effortlessly and in an environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. These practices allow students to develop in a practical way that accelerates learning and allows them to learn new vocabulary or correct errors by contacting other students.


# Message boards

Students can have a similar experience when using the message boards. They can use discussion boards to practice their writing and also their reading and comprehension skills. In general, they act as open threads of conversation where students can respond to an issue raised by another student, but they also serve as a way for students to answer questions among themselves, comment on lessons or recommend literature, movies, or TV series in the language they are studying.


# Work groups

This exchange of knowledge from one student to another is the basis of Social Learning and one of the pillars of the effectiveness of Dexway language solutions. This method, supported by structured and progressive content, leads students toward a more natural approach referred to as ‘learning by doing,’ which also highly values teamwork. That is why Voluxion educational platform allows teachers to create study groups to also encourage collaboration in specific tasks that they propose.


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