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One of the great misconceptions of eLearning is that taking an online course is a solitary activity. Thanks to advances in educational and learning management system (LMS) technology, and the rise of communities 2.0, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Dexway method highlights just how important virtual collaboration within a virtual language campus is. This is important for both providers of online courses and facilitators of blended learning programmes to explore.

Community within a digital language campus can make the language learning process far more engaging for learners. It can give them all the benefits of a traditional in person course without any of the downsides. Students can access their digital language campus whenever suits them, wherever suits them.

If you’re interested in how important community is within language training courses, keep reading. Below we’ve explored how big a role communities 2.0 plays within the virtual classroom, language learning and Dexway language courses.


How important is community in language training?

Language learning has always been an endeavour that requires a very social element. By it’s very nature, it’s close to impossible to learn a language without speaking it!

It’s because of this that conversational groups and language labs are such a vital part of both in person language learning and blended learning programmes. These can also play a key role in eLearning options such as Dexway language courses thanks to LMS and virtual classroom technology.

A strong community element can make a big difference to the success of language training courses. Regular speaking and listening practice, whether within a virtual classroom or a real one as part of a blended learning programme, can make the language learning process far more effective.

How are communities 2.0 defined?

The second generation of the internet, or web 2.0, is best defined in terms of networks and communities. Instead of the internet being simply a tool to present and access information, it has evolved into a space where user engagement and interaction is key.

The best way to think about the concept of communities 2.0 is often as a series of interlinked networks. Instead of communication lines running simply from the creator of a web resource to the reader of that web resource, there are a myriad of additional communication lines between readers.

These communities have become a vital part of eLearning courses and blended learning programmes. They undoubtedly enrich the experience of online courses such as Dexway language courses.

Intelligent software such as learning management systems (LMS) are designed to support these digital communities. An LMS is primarily concerned with facilitating the distribution of eLearning resources and hosting conversations about those resources. Because of this, an LMS is an excellent tool for supporting the many benefits of communities 2.0.



How is community used in the Dexway method for language learning?

The Dexway method is supported by Voluxion, our intelligent LMS. For us, a strong community and a resource-rich online language campus is an absolutely vital part of language training.

Students who are enrolled in Dexway language courses are instantly given access to the full language campus. This includes all manner of fantastic community resources, including the virtual classroom, meeting rooms, group conversations, chats, messages and the virtual collaborative environment.

One of the biggest benefits of the Dexway method of eLearning is the non-stop access they are given to the virtual classroom, just at the click of a button This is available both to students who are solely enrolled on Dexway language courses or to those who have been given access as part of a blended learning programme.

Within this virtual classroom, students can see, hear and chat with students from their course. These study groups are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Not only is conversation practice a viral part of the Dexway method for language training, it also helps to encourage participation and the exchange of ideas. This virtual collaborative environment adds a great deal of value to eLearning courses and blended learning programmes.

Where can you get more support with managing language learning and communities 2.0?

If you’re still unsure about the importance of communities 2.0 in language learning, there is help available. Dexway language courses are an excellent way to ensure your students benefit from high quality eLearning courses that incorporate the best educational technology available.


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