One of the key tools of Dexway renews its interface to offer its users a restyling that will help make their work even easier. The Dexway Authoring Tool, allows you to personalize Dexway language courses, it launches a new visual environment with colors, icons, and shortcuts …

Authoring Tool Dexway

The update is now available for all customers who have contracted the tool for personalization and creation of courses. It can be easily checked by its version number, v190, which appears on the lower right corner of the screen of the App web.


#1 New main screen on Dexway Authoring Tool

After entering the necessary data to log in, you will access a new main screen where you can browse all sections of the Dexway Authoring Tool; courses, vocabulary, objectives, images, videos, audios and the user guide, available in PDF and video.

The configuration tool and other options is accessed by clicking on the user icon in any screen in which we are.


#2 New main menu

Within the sections, a new available menu has been added that simplifies navigation between the different sections of the authoring tool and prevents the user from going through the main screen every time he wants to access, for example, from vocabulary to images or from that there to courses.


#3 Updated folders and image icons

The design of folder and course icons have been updated with a new style that follows the line of Dexway courses. All personalization options have been maintained, so the client has the possibility to change the colors of the folders as well as the images that appear in the courses.


#4 New shortcuts

From the main bar you can click on the section you want to jump directly. Until now we had to go back section by section.


The tool is compatible with all Dexway courses and allows customers to customize the content (exercises, video images …) using the Dexway resource library or adding their own materials. The authoring tool of Dexway is the only one on the market specialized in languages, which allows to rearrange the agenda, eliminate exercises, replace images, videos or audios, create new lessons, units or exercises through templates 100% interactive and very easy to create … In short, the Authoring Tool adds a new dimension to your Dexway courses that increases your competitiveness and allows you to create more relevant courses for your students.

Among the advantages of creating personalized online courses with Dexway Authoring Tool include:

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitor by printing the know-how in Dexway courses.
  • Specialization of contents for specific training. For example, classes for Businesses (vocabulary and examples dedicated to the business sector).
  • Take advantage of all the materials your teachers create in an exercise database that grows year after year and that is not affected when a teacher leaves the center.



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