Huge numbers of professionals set out to learn a new language every year. It’s not hard to see why. The advantages of business language learning are varied and plentiful!

This is true both for professionals right at the start of their career and those who are looking to gain an edge later on. It’s been shown that multinational companies want multilingual recruits: employees who have more than one language at their disposal are far more valuable than those who don’t. Companies with employees who don’t currently speak a second language are now commonly offering them the facilities to learn.


Online Language Training really works

#1 New languages can open up new markets

There’s no doubt that language can be a barrier in business, even in today’s super-connected super-digital climate. Online language training is such a simple way to improve your chances and open up new potential markets. After all, the more a business increases the number of people it can pitch to, the more success it is likely to have. These benefits can be enjoyed both by individual career climbers who want to speed up their next promotion by expanding their pool of potential employers, and by companies who want to offer development opportunities to their employees.

#2 Learning a second language can increase effectiveness

Studies have shown that being bilingual or multilingual can have a significant impact on how well the brain works. Learning a second language will actually improve brain functionality by encouraging it to develop new pathways. This means that not are their direct benefits of learning languages for business, there are also extremely beneficial indirect ones. Professionals who regularly challenge and improve their intelligence are likely to be much more attractive to employees than those that don’t. Online language training really works for learning a second language.

#3 Bilingual people make better financial decisions

There are a lot of difficult financial negotiations involved in business communications. Interestingly, a link has been found between speaking more than one language and making wise financial choices. This is because people are much more likely to rely on analytical skills rather than emotional thoughts when they are making those decisions in a second language. This has excellent implications for professionals learning business languages and their employers.

#4 Learning English aids creativity

Often business communications rely a heavy dose of creativity in order to be successful. It has been shown that online language training such as business English can help to increase an individual’s aptitude for creative thinking. This is hugely valuable as it means that professionals are more likely to be able to think outside of the box in order to make connections and uncover new opportunities.

Could online language training benefit your professional organisation? Find out about some of the most popular language choices here.

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