Are there advantages for study abroad agencies in online courses? Study abroad agencies help thousands of students each year to learn and improve languages ​​with study abroad programs. In this way, a total 24-hour immersion is achieved, which helps accelerate learning. However, these stays are limited, and students need extra support during the rest of the year. This is where study abroad agencies can extend their season-dependent billing cycle and add Dexway online language courses that allow their clients to have a progression in the language, before and after their trip.

advantages for study abroad agencies

COVID-19 also forces you to look for alternatives to offer to your clients until travel is safe. Many students will prefer to start their online course for now and wait for the situation to calm down. If study abroad agencies provide this service, their clients will not have to find another service and pay for another tuition.


What are the benefits of Dexway online courses for study abroad agencies?

We review 8 advantages for study abroad agencies with which to stand out in the sector:


#1 Expand your calendar

The agencies’ activity calendar is extended. By offering language courses year-round, the turnover extends beyond summertime.


#2 Gain the loyalty of your students

Student loyalty before, during and after the trip that is complemented by greater satisfaction on the trip by being better prepared.


#3 Self Turnkey and self-training.

Dexway online courses are turnkey courses: you do not have to worry about the platform, hosting, or maintenance. You do not have to worry about teachers either since our catalog includes self-training courses, designed for a guided, gamified, and progressive study that students do at their own pace and without tutors.


#4 Shorten the registration process

# 4 The process of getting started with clients is shortened: they do not have to wait for their visa to be ready in order to start. They first start with the course while the rest of the paperwork is done.


#5 Multidevice

Cross-platform courses: allow students to access the course from any device connected to the Internet, and even with no Internet if they access it from the APP. This allows them to continue the course from their own cell phone and make progress even when they are abroad and do not have Internet.


#6 Student Management

With the reports offered in the courses, you can track the performance of your clients and contact them to motivate them.


#7 300+ general and 30+ specifics courses

Dexway’s catalog includes both general courses and sector specific courses, perfect for those clients who need to improve their knowledge of English in a specific field: health, hospitality, the armed forces, finance, business, pharmacy, commerce, insurance…


#8 Placement test

Level test: courses can include level tests that help assess the level of each student. Based on your test score, Dexway automatically suggests the course level the student should enroll in.





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