One of the most common concerns for language centers is keeping up to date with new technology. New generations insist on having digital and interactive contents in classrooms; the necessary hardware has been provided to centers, but the main problem they encounter is supplying the computer rooms and tablets they already have with quality content.

Dexway Language Courses

Textbooks and other physical teaching materials are no longer enough in classrooms that primarily use technology. It is necessary to use digital extensions that can provide devices with contents in a way that supplements classes and supports teachers’ work.

Dexway’s language learning solutions offer the most comprehensive and interactive online courses on the market for classroom teaching. Don’t just settle for a simple digital extension for your students when you can instead offer a comprehensive course that can be used inside and outside the classroom, providing multimedia and interactive resources to professors’ face-to-face classes, as well as allowing them to implement mixed face-to-face and online methods.

In the classroom, Dexway Classroom Companion is the best resource for face-to-face classes: it adapts to the order of the course and the objectives the teacher proposes by utilizing a powerful authoring tool that allows teachers to modify, expand on or eliminate topics and tailor the course to their teaching style and goals.


Solutions for Educational Centers

Dexway language courses offer comprehensive digital extensions in three formats:



Supplemental course to the textbook, tailored to the order and syllabus of the textbook the teacher uses in class (Dexway Classroom Companion).



A more comprehensive course that teachers can customize and tailor, not so much to the book, but rather to their teaching method and their own plan for the course (Dexway Classroom Companion).



Parallel online course that enables students to advance and practice the course level with a complete language course. Although students work on the course alongside the class, teachers have the ability to access monitoring and performance reports that let them evaluate and extract valuable information (shortcomings, weaknesses) for their classes. Depending on the center’s requirements, you can work with Dexway Languages, a global solution where you can access all course versions, all the proven teaching materials and Dexway Authoring Tool.


Each one of these solutions retains all the features that define Dexway as the language-learning method that really works. Dexway Language Courses base their methodology on a natural and progressive learning approach, from 0 to 100%, without any gaps, and include content structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Dexway contents are interactive and varied and are designed to keep students motivated and interested throughout the course.


Digital Extension + LMS

Dexway courses contain a unique virtual environment that allows students to interact with the course. This web portal can be customized for each center’s specific needs and even incorporate its logo.

Through CAE’s LMS specialized in Dexway language courses (Voluxion Pro), students have access to course lessons, as well as the rest of Dexway activities: vocabulary, karaoke, magazines, a community of students, conversation groups.

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