It is very common for language teachers to develop their own learning materials for their classes since that can be a competitive advantage. Thanks to these materials, learning centers are doing the hardest part: offering their knowledge and experience to students by customizing their content. However, all that work is lost with each new course or every time a teacher leaves the center.

Consolidating all these learning materials so that they do not disappear is one of Dexway Authoring Tool’s goals. The Dexway Authoring Tool allows teachers to create additional exercises directly in the course and make them available to the rest of the teaching staff. Currently, most centers use the exact same language methods; therefore, what will differentiate you from your competition is creating your own learning materials. That will add value and build student loyalty.

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8 advantages of creating learning materials with Dexway Authoring Tool

How will your center benefit from having all their learning materials in the cloud? Some advantages to working with an authoring tool in the cloud are saving time, having more flexibility, the ability to customize content, interactive content and collaborative work.


#1 Create your own bank of exercises

Teachers can build their own exercise banks, which will expand with each course. They can have an account where they can create, modify and reuse exercises. All the content is in the cloud and is easily accessible and editable.

Dexway Authoring Tool helps you create online language courses offers authors 100% responsive templates. These templates are easily reproducible on all types of devices and allow you to easily create different exercises and online content for your center.

Crosswords, listening activities or with voice recognition are some of the different exercises that can be created in these templates.


#2 Access courses from any internet-connected device

Since it is cloud-based, you can access the Dexway Authoring Tool software from any device connected to the internet. It’s as simple as opening your web browser on a PC or Mac or from an Android or iOS phone or tablet. This enables faculty to work with the tool simultaneously, each using their own device. Working in the cloud makes things more portable so that teachers and tutors can continue to work on their exercises outside the classroom.


#3 Add personality to your courses

By introducing your own custom exercises and activities to Dexway courses, you are differentiating your language center or school from the rest. You can adapt Dexway courses to support a digital solution that will match your school’s curriculum, content and objectives. Since all teachers will have access, their center’s educational material follows the same line and can be revised at any time to ensure that it maintains the desired quality.


#4 Adapt content for specific training

If you carry out specific training for different groups, both by age (classes for children) and by sector (automotive, programming, hospitality, etc.), your courses will be more comprehensive if you can customize them.

With Dexway Authoring Tool, in addition to being able to create totally new exercises, you can also modify any of the exercises from Dexway courses. For example, you can swap out any pictures or vocabulary used in an activity for images or terms that are more relevant and specific for your students.


#5 Create custom tests with immediate assessment

In addition to hands-on exercises, you can generate custom partial and final tests that adapt to what students have learned during the course. By using the authoring tool to generate these tests in the cloud and send them directly to the course, they will have all the characteristics Dexway’s evaluation. Like the tests from Dexway’s resource library, custom tests also save teachers time due to real-time evaluation, offering teachers the data needed to thoroughly analyze their student’s abilities. By applying the “random multi-question” option, this prevents students from being able to copy.


#6 Work collaboratively

All teachers can utilize the tool and share their knowledge and developments. Each teacher has editor access to work on interactive exercises, help their colleagues or participate in projects together.


#7 Interactive audiovisual learning materials

With Dexway Authoring Tool, your exercises are not just text-based, allowing you to develop interactive and audiovisual activities online. Your students can use the exercises outside the classroom as reinforcement. Since they are integrated into Dexway courses, they have a self-assessment feature, which allows students to receive immediate feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.


#8 Learning materials cannot get lost after a computer crash

All of the faculty’s course work is housed in the cloud, safe from any computer crash, damaged file or memory loss.


The tool is compatible with all Dexway courses and allows customers to customize the content (exercises, video images …) using the Dexway resource library or adding their own learning materials. The authoring tool of Dexway is the only one on the market specialized in languages, which allows to rearrange the agenda, eliminate exercises, replace images, videos or audios, create new lessons, units or exercises through templates 100% interactive and very easy to create …

If you want to add a new dimension to your Dexway courses, increase your competitiveness and create more relevant courses for your students, contact us.


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