The Dexway Flipped Classroom is the most efficient methodology to implement in a language school for many reasons. By implementing this method, all the drawbacks associated with forming groups by level are easily solved. Dexway + Flipped Classroom offer a method that combines the benefits of on-site teaching with the advantages of online training. In this sense, the Dexway methodology gives the leading role to the training modality that has experienced an extraordinary boom all over the world: The Flipped Classroom.

Dexway Flipped Classroom

With languages it is very common for classes to be composed of people of different ages, with different levels of education and who have had varying degrees of contact with the language (trips, movies, TV series, music, etc.). Therefore, forming groups that optimize classrooms, teachers and schedulesis challenging for schools.


How does Dexway Flipped Classroom work?

The Flipped Classroom inverts the traditional way of teaching by having students study lessons outside the classroom and taking advantage of the social aspect of face-to-face classes (at the center or in virtual classrooms).

The Flipped Classroom respects individual progress, allowing students at different levels to work at their own pace to reach the same goal.

Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students(…) *

*Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F­L­I­P™

The four pillars of FLIP

  • 1 Flexible Environment
  • 2 Learning Culture
  • 3 Intentional Content
  • 4 Professional Educator


In addition, Dexway Flipped Classroom provides the following management facilities:

  • No maximum capacity, nor limits on course start dates, duration and timetable availability.
  • Wide range of groups available to incorporate students of the same level into classes that fit their level.
  • Classes with teachers are either on-site, online or both (however the student wishes).


If language schools implement this method, they can avoid turning students away or enrolling them in the wrong level. With Dexway, levels and groups become more flexible and can expand your business opportunities due to online supplements (or 100% online courses) and the possibility of enrolling students throughout the entire course.


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