Over recent years a great deal has been written about millennials. Millennials is the name given to the generation of people that have come of age in the early twenty first century.

Though there is no strict definition of when an individual needs to have been born in order to be classed as a millennial, as a general guideline it is usually between the early 1980s and the late 1990s.

Millennials are a big driving force both in education and in industry. They are very rapidly changing the way things work. This is due to the fact that they tend to have a very different mindset than previous generations.

 Why do millennials have such a different mindset?

There is a key reason why millennials see the world very differently to older people. This generation of people represent a huge shift in society simply because they are the first group of people to have grown up in a society that is dominated by digital technology.

There’s absolutely no question that the growth of digital technology has revolutionised the world. From smartphones to music streaming to eLearning platforms, this generation is far more comfortable with the digital world than their predecessors because they have grown up surrounded by it.

Now that this generation is beginning to represent a bigger and bigger force in the workplace, it’s important for both employers and educational providers to take note.



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How does this mindset change the way we think about education?

The growth of digital tools has changed the way our brains work. People simply don’t learn in the same way they did forty or twenty years ago. Techniques that worked for employee training or language teaching in the past are unlikely to be as successful today.

Instead, potential learners are on the look out for far more creative training opportunities that take their digital preferences into account.

It’s also key to note here that millennials expect a far greater work life balance than many members of previous generations. This often manifests as an expectation that their needs be met in a flexible way that works for them.

How do creative training courses incorporating eLearning and blended learning programmes fit into this narrative?

Online courses, mobile apps, eLearning platforms and blended learning classroom programmes are all important examples of how technology and education and intersecting. It is becoming more and more common for potential students to be actively looking for these kinds of creative training learning tools rather than seeking out a traditional classroom environment.

eLearning platforms, online courses and mobile apps provide millennials with the highly personalised, highly engaging and highly flexible learning opportunities that they tend to crave. These types of creative training courses can be accessed from wherever students choose, whenever they want to learn.

How can Dexway help you to ensure your creative training and eLearning opportunities appeal to millennials?

Specialist eLearning providers such as Dexway have set out to design high quality eLearning platforms and training materials that meet the educational needs of all learners. They are highly engaging and highly effective, meaning that they tend to be appreciated greatly by both learners and educational establishments.

Dexway offer language training educational solutions that are suitable for both solely online training courses and blended learning creative training programmes.

They appeal to users including millennials for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

#1. The easy and intuitive interfaceThe self paced learning materials

#2.The full synchronisation available across numerous device types

#3.The authentic language immersion opportunitie

#4.The up to the minute advanced voice recognition software

#5.The engaging online exercises and learning activities

#6. The vibrant online community including conversational groups

#7. The impressive virtual classroom technology 

#8. The efficient automated testing mechanisms 

#10. The reassuring student monitoring and evaluation to help keep everyone on track

The revolutionary digital changes we have witnessed in recent decades are not going away. Millennials as a generation are proof of this, as all the evidence suggests that their early immersion in technology has very much shaped the way they view the world around them.

eLearning platforms, eLearning courses and mobile learning apps are all great ways to engage with this important group of individuals.

Alternatively, blended learning training courses can be a brilliant way to marry up the best of the old and the new and ensure that your students get all the benefits of digital learning technology while still enjoying the human warmth, personality and motivation of a dedicated classroom teacher.

Would you like to read more about what Dexway could offer you, your students, your educational organisation or your company? We’d be very happy to introduce you to the many benefits and features of our eLearning courses, all of which are available in eight different languages.

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