Although teachers are clear that LMS has emerged to assist them as it is a helpful tool for teaching, some doubts arise when choosing an e-learning language platform.

It is quite normal since as people in charge of a course or school, one of the main objectives when hiring an educational platform is to make the right choice so that the investment has been worthwhile.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to offer you a guide so that you can analyze which is the most convenient e-learning solution for you.

Teacher teaches language course with e-learning platform

Recommendations to select the e-learning language platform that your educational center needs

Surely you have wondered what an LMS platform should have to be complete and to meet the requirements of current education. The options can be varied, therefore, it is essential to have clear concepts and ideas.

These are the main tips for choosing an e-learning platform for your language courses:

Analyze the needs

Before going to find out the features of each e-learning solution, the first step is to analyze the characteristics of your school, your students, and your courses. This will help you determine in a concrete way what the real needs are and what kind of solutions are those that fit with the educational project.



The learning environment of the platform must be easy to use and intuitive. This aspect is key so that the experience of students and teachers is optimal. No one wants to work with a cumbersome or poorly designed tool.

On the other hand, it must be responsive to be sure that it works correctly when used on all types of devices.


SCORM compatibility

You are probably already familiar with how SCORM works and its benefits. If the chosen platform is compatible with this e-learning standard, you will be able to make the most of its benefits.


Quality and reliability assurance

When choosing a reliable LMS platform provider, it is essential that you value their track record and experience. For example, it is good to give consideration to the age of the supplier company and what its global services are.

This gives us information that reveals the reliability of an e-learning software company and its responsiveness and innovation.


Face-to-face, online or hybrid mode

Whether the courses are taught face-to-face, online, or in a blended learning mode (hybrid), it is advisable to select an e-learning solution provider that offers educational platforms for all three teaching possibilities.


State-of-the-art tool in technological development

The e-learning sector is constantly evolving. That’s why it’s vitally important that you choose an innovative language teaching platform that incorporates the latest in e-learning technology.


Quality service and closeness

Offering technological tools is not at odds with offering human service. At some stage, it might be that you have been helpless at not being able to solve a doubt with a digital tool because there is no one to turn to. This has happened to all of us at some point when a service has no support.

For this reason, we believe that it is essential to hire an e-learning platform in which there are people behind the tool who are available to answer questions and accompany you throughout the implementation process.


Online Proctoring

Do you need to assess your students online? In that case, you need an e-learning solution that incorporates an online proctoring system to be able to take exams with the same guarantees as face-to-face tests.


Tailor-made classes

An educational platform must be able to adapt to its courses and methodology. When comparing tools, take a look at how your courses are structured and organized. This will help you see how easy it is to prepare your syllabi and how you would use them with your students.

In short, the functionality of the platform and how it meets everyday needs, are decisive in choosing one or the other.



The benefits of gamification in learning are already well known. If you already know them, you probably want the language learning tool to be designed with a playful approach.

At Dexway, we develop e-learning solutions that incorporate gamification from the core.


Monitoring students’ progress

If you are interested in tracking how students are doing in the subject, you should choose a platform that collects data on how students use it and their behavior in it. Besides, a platform that enables assessment after each lesson. These features are helpful, among other things, to avoid gaps when learning languages.


Language skills

For a language teaching platform to be useful, it must provide activities and tools that allow students to work on all language skills at an oral and written level in an immersive way.


Now that you know more about choosing an e-learning language platform, we suggest you to check out our different solutions. At Dexway and CAE, we have been developing e-learning solutions for educational institutions around the world for more than 40 years. Our team stands out for its innovative spirit and its desire to contribute to the educational community with its experience. Contact us and you will get personalized advice from one of our experienced consultants.


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