dexway app macApplications are a mechanism for easy learning and accessible from anywhere at any time and are a perfect complement to learn languages.

Therefore Dexway launches a new free application to run Dexway language courses in Apple Mac OS X Mac computers.

This application is already available for Windows, iOS and Android. Thanks to Dexway course app, the students will perform the course that they are enrolled to, easily and quickly in their Mac computer.


The user does not need Internet access to run it, because once installed on the computer the students can access to the lessons and the Dexway course at any time. It is not required to configure the browser, or added installations, they just access to the course easily with the application. Thanks to Dexway course app, users, who have difficulty gaining access to courses from the browser will see this problem solved.

Dexway course App

dexway mac app


Through this new interactive application, Mac computer users can access to the best language immersion lessons, free speech dialogs personally listened and corrected through text and voice by tutors, speech recognition allows automatic assessment pronunciation, track record simultaneously from all the computers and more.

Dexway works every day in the design and development of technologies applied to training to help their students in language learning experience. You can upload the app from Apple Store here.

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