Why do your online language students dropout? There exist a certain set of recurring problems among students, which are the main reasons that cause students to disregard online classes or to drop out of them. Dexway’s global solutions are the key to reducing dropout rates in online language courses.

online language students dropout

Dexway, the solution to cut your dropout rates in online language courses


#1 Students perceive online courses as boring

The main task is to keep students motivated and encourage them to apply themselves. Dexway courses are composed of a variety of authentic, interactive and fun content that keeps students engaged and grants them access to a community of students where they can interact with other students enrolled in their course or level (this community of students can be exclusive to the center or be international).

What Can You Do: Offer social tools to increase motivation and participation as Dexway Student Community or Conversation Groups.


#2 Students can only access the course by using a PC with internet access

The best way to eliminate this problem is by offering multi-device courses capable of being used on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets and iPads.

Dexway courses are accessible from any web browser and also have apps that can be downloaded and installed on virtually any device, making Dexway courses available literally anywhere, without requiring Wi-Fi or consuming data.

What Can You Do: Dexway offer content compatible with all types of devices to reach more people.


#3 It can be difficult to find time to study when there is no obligation to attend a physical class

This is one of the most daunting problems for students. To solve this, Dexway courses have a planner integrated into them that helps students schedule their lessons. You can choose how many times per week you want to study and on which days (for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays), which will make those days appear next to their respective lessons. In addition, the Dexway team regularly sends reminders if you are not progressing at an adequate pace.

Several studies point to fact that students can perform exceptionally well in online courses. For example, this case study: “Classroom vs E-learning: A Case Study on the Performance of Students in Different Learning Scenarios,” by T. Dondorf, R. Breuer y H. Nacken from Aachen University (Germany).

What Can You Do: It is important that students understand that the courses are flexible and they can go at their own pace.


#4 Providing a PDF of a scanned book is not the same as e-learning

A low quality course increases the likelihood of students dropping out. Dexway courses use the ‘learning by doing’ method, which guarantees a natural and progressive study from 0 to 100%, without gaps. Dexway courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and focus on practicing and improving the four basic language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing).

To accomplish this, Dexway is composed of interactive contents, social tools and supplemental language immersion materials.

What Can You Do: Provide rich interactive and hands-on content.


#5 Students have specific needs

Many students enroll in general courses when what they need are specific courses that will allow them to evolve within certain contexts and industries. To remedy this, Dexway offers more than 30 specific modules to develop certain skills such as in the administrative, hospitality or financial fields, to name a few.

What Can You Do: Offer students specific and relevant courses.


Do your online language students dropout? Dexway can help you take your business to the next level so you are no longer limited by your classroom space or number of students in a group.


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