More and more companies are deciding to invest in language training for their employees, not as an added value but as a requirement. The linguistic advantage opens numerous doors for companies to outsource and export their services and products globally. This is not possible if your team does not speak English, French, Spanish, Russian, German or the language of the countries to which you want to open your business.


Online Courses in Languages

Organizing an on-site classroom training or sending workers to an on-site classroom course means a greater cost and time of dedication for the company. The development of language content of quality has a high cost so that large organizations decide to opt for rent for use of licenses or online courses in languages.

Why rent content in languages for your company?

#1 Minimum investment and great savings

With licenses or online courses in languages, companies do not have to make large disbursements, they pay for the use and duration of each license depending on the number of employees they want to train.  This allows companies to devote more economic resources to other business areas.

#2 Quick and easy implementation

These licenses are installed either on the client’s LMS platform or are provided with a SCORM content compatible platform which will also allow them to manage more training, not just language training.

#3 24/7 Accessibility and flexibility

Online licenses or courses in languages are content that is intuitive and easy to use by employees. In addition, as everything is done online, this allows them to connect whenever they want, how they want and where they want.

#4 Interactive contents for language immersion

Online courses in languages, provided they are of high quality, offer unparalleled interactivity, they are not learned through online pdfs, simple texts or images, but they interact through multimedia exercises such as voice recognition, videos and audios that reflect and participate to students.

#5 Wide offers for configuration

The licenses in languages allow the company to choose the additional languages, levels and services that it wants to include in its training such as virtual classes with natives or access to the community.

#6 Constantly updated

The contents in languages do not become obsolete, since once the license is finalized when hiring a new one or the same the company receives the last updated content. On the contrary, if you develop or buy a final product with the constant evolution and changes of the current market, you would be left behind having spent a lot of time and money.

#7 Compatible with any LMS

If your company has an online educational platform you can easily upload SCORM licenses in languages as they are compatible with any e-learning platform.

#8 No need for previous knowledge

Any business professional can easily learn a language easily through language licensing, since being very intuitive does not require prior training. The student will advance through the course learning from 0% to 100% of the language studied.

The SCORM language licenses are undoubtedly the best educational solution for any company or organization that wishes to expand its borders starting with the language training of its employees.


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