In recent years there’s been a drive towards using online learning within big organisations. An impressive 77% of US companies now offer online training courses to their employees.

This growth is often attributed to how attractive e-learning courses are to the employers themselves. After all, offering training online means that businesses are able to save money on course registration fees and travel expenses as well as reducing the amount of time their employees are out of the office.

However, there is also much evidence to support the fact that learning online is also preferred by employees.

reasons why employees prefer online training courses

Corporate Language Elearning Solution the Most Wanted

Here are five reasons why:

#1 Corporate language learning it’s more flexible

One of the real benefits of signing up for corporate language learning is that it’s incredibly flexible. This is a bonus for employees as it means they can better manage their learning opportunities around their existing workload and schedule. This is likely to lead to far less stress in the lead up to the start of a course and means learning can be put on hold for a week or so if workload suddenly increases.

#2 There’s a lot more choice in corporate language elearning solutions

When training is limited to whatever face-to-face courses are being offered in the local area,

++many employees find they aren’t inspired by it. Alternatively, corporate language learning opens up a whole world of global learning. Suddenly employees have worldwide experts right at their fingertips and they’re able to gain whatever skills they feel would be most beneficial to them, all via distance learning.

#3 With language elearning solutions they can work at their own pace

A big benefit of corporate language learning solutions is that employees can move through course materials as quickly or as slowly as they choose. This is ideal whether employees typically feel that in-person training moves too slowly for them, or whether they generally find lecture-style teaching hard to follow. Two different employees can choose to work through the same course in completely different ways.

#4 Online training is less nerve-wracking

Attending an in-person language training course can be daunting, especially if the subject matter is completely new. This simple fact puts a lot of people off learning new skills altogether, which can mean they really miss out. Corporate elearning solutions offer an excellent opportunity for even the most reserved employees to engage in beneficial professional development.

#5 They can engage with course materials whenever and however they want

Mobile learning has really changed the way students interact with course materials. Companies who offer elearning languages opportunities therefore give their employees the power to engage with learning in whatever way is best for them. This means they can alter the speed they work at, but also when they choose to learn and how. Some employees may choose to work in the office at their usual desk space whereas others are free to concentrate on learning at home or even squeeze in extra revision time while commuting or travelling to and from meetings.

So there you have it: five reasons why a corporate language elearning solution is generally just as beneficial for employees as it is for the organisations that employ them.

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