In the mid-1990s, the first virtual communities began to appear. Almost two decades later, they have made a significant impact on people’s daily lives. Since we are surrounded by social media, it is not surprising that its benefits can be applied to various fields such as education. For online language learning, it can play a very important role in areas such as participation, reinforcement and motivation.

Importance of Virtual Communities

In this sense, Dexway’s courses include access to the world’s largest global student community. This virtual community connects millions of users whose common goal is to learn languages.

Participants in the Dexway community are students enrolled in Dexway courses (Certificate, Academy, Classroom Companion) who are looking to practice what they’re learning with other students.

CAE provides students with the interactive tools needed to practice the four main language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing). Through message boards, forums, chats and videoconferences, students can practice their skills in the language they are studying.


What is the importance of virtual communities in education?


#1 Provide independence

Online communities let the students themselves choose when they want to practice, making study hours flexible.


#2 Create social bonds

In 100% online modalities, students are able to create social bonds and connections with other students. Lack of social contact is one of the main differences between e-learning and face-to-face learning, but thanks to online communities, this can be remedied. Forums, discussion boards and videoconferences manage to bring students together who are enrolled in the same online course and who would not have otherwise met, boosting their motivation.


#3 Encourage collaborative learning

A point of contact is provided where students can collaborate and answer questions, also known as social learning: a learning trend that has become successful with millennials.


#4 Promote teamwork

Teachers can work with groups of students by using the social tools within the communities. This makes it possible to work on group assignments that require students to actively participate.


Elements that set Dexway communities apart

Dexway’s online communities specialize in language studies and have the most innovative tools to guarantee natural and progressive learning.

Among the elements that set apart the Dexway virtual community, we find:

  • a gamification system where users can level up in the community and display stars next to their avatar,
  • conversation groups for students at the same level so they can practice in real time,
  • work groups created by teachers to encourage teamwork for specific course tasks,
  • forums to practice reading and writing skills.


Dexway private communities

The Voluxion platform is scalable to a private student community, which allows a center, college or university to manage its own community privately. In these communities, only the students enrolled in their specific center/school will be able to access the tools.


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