Secondary school students have different needs than adults when it comes to learning languages. School children tend to retain more, but they have a shorter attention span. It is therefore necessary to use a methodology with content that is tailored to the specific needs of each stage of education. Dexway’s e-learning language courses are the perfect digital supplement for the classroom for many reasons: they increase effectiveness with the blended learning method, they support teachers with audiovisual content and they make it possible to gamify classroom learning, among others.

Dexway Language Schools


Dexway: much more than a language extension for the classroom

Why are Dexway Academy and Classroom Companion courses the perfect digital supplements for classrooms?

#1 Real support for teachers inside and outside the classroom

Dexway courses facilitate the teacher’s work in the classroom by offering audiovisual support with 100% interactive content. Dexway’s courses use a methodology that is based on learning by doing, which encourages more engaging and hands-on classes. In addition, access to courses outside of school lets students continue practicing from the comfort of home and at their own pace.


#2 More comprehensive than a digital publishing extension or CD

The courses are separate from paper-based methods so they can be taught without using a book. This enables periodic updates and constant improvements and enhancements. Unlike physical extensions or digital downloads, Dexway students have access to a completely interactive, enjoyable and fun course where they will learn through a methodology based on curriculum that progresses from 0 to 100%, without gaps.

For schools wanting to personalize their educational experiences, Dexway features an authoring tool so you can customize your language courses. This tool allows modifications that go beyond just changing the logo and colors: teachers have the ability to add new exercises, rearrange the curriculum, swap out images or videos, etc. Because of this, Dexway offers the largest personalized learning experience in the language market.


#3 Available in 8 languages

Dexway Academy courses are available in 8 languages: UK/US English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. This allows schools and institutes to supplement first foreign language classes and elective second and third language classes. In addition, Dexway’s Classroom Companion Primary and Secondary courses, available in English, have been developed to provide comprehensive training that incorporates the English language with the rest of the course curriculum.


#4 Levels adapted to the CEFR requirements

Dexway language courses follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, ensuring that students reach the level that is set for each competence (speaking, reading, writing, listening). This way, students can prepare for specific degrees with no problem by reaching the appropriate level in their Dexway course.

To help prepare for certifications, Dexway offers Certificate courses, a self-learning add-on that provides added value and can be offered at your educational institution.


#5 Blended learning, improve the effectiveness of learning

The blended learning method is synonymous with successful learning. A high percentage of schools that adopt this method and include e-learning content in their classes see a significant improvement in their students’ performance.


#6 Automated assessments: pertinent information in real time

Dexway provides real-time information on each student’s progress. In addition, partial and final tests have automated assessment that let you see test results seconds after students finish taking them. This saves teachers time that would have been spent on correcting, which frees up time for other activities.


# 7 Latest pedagogic news online

Dexway courses let you add major innovations to the classroom such as voice recognition technology, course customization tools, conversation groups or a gamified system. The courses are cloud-based, so updates are automatic and do not disrupt the courses.


Introduction of Dexway language courses to secondary school classrooms provides added value, improves language teaching in the classroom and lets you take advantage of the prestige associated with Dexway when it comes to making your center stand out. Dexway courses in English, French, German and Spanish for secondary schools offer comprehensive training to students using systems that encourage motivation and participation and provide ongoing assessments, which give teachers access to useful information in real time.


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