It’s becoming more and more common for companies and organisations to seek an eLearning solutions partner. The reason for this is simple: developing a solid working relationship with a respected eLearning provider opens up a whole digital world of training and learning opportunities.

Of course, not all providers are the same. The eLearning solutions partner you choose will have a big impact on how successful your eLearning efforts are. Taking the time right at the beginning of the process to choose the eLearning provider who is right for your company will be time very well spent.

Languages eLearning Solutions Partner. Choosing the right one

elearning solutions partner

Not sure how to ensure the eLearning solutions partner you choose is the right one? Start by asking yourself the following questions.

#1 Is this eLearning provider offering all the tools and features you currently need?

There are a huge range of eLearning providers out there, all offering a variety of educational platforms. It makes sense to choose one who has developed a comprehensive piece of software that does all the things you need it to do. Don’t be afraid to be picky here: a piece of software that doesn’t have something you consider to be a key feature is unlikely to be a good fit long term.

#2 Do their educational platforms give you space to grow?

The right eLearning solutions provider is likely to be offering you more than you currently need from them. Make sure you assess the range of tools and features they offer than are over and above your current requirements. They may not be relevant now, but don’t underestimate what you might need in the future.

#3 Is your potential eLearning solutions partner committed to research and development?

When you invest in a relationship with a eLearning provider, the hope is that it will continue to be beneficial for years and years to come. It makes sense, then, to choose a partner whose future you are confident in. Does your chosen eLearning solutions partner appear to be innovative in their research and development of new products, services and features? If so, this is a great sign that they will continue to be the right fit for you in the future.

#4 Will you find their customer service and help desk easy to work with?

It’s important to look into the customer support offered by your eLearning solutions provider. If you were to have an issue or a question, how easy would it be to get in touch with them and resolve it? Some otherwise brilliant providers fall down on this, so it is well worth investigating before you commit.

For more guidance, take a look at this article on how to choose a top quality eLearning provider.

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