Dexway Classroom Companion is the latest language course that CAE Computer Aided E-learning has added to its catalog of language learning solutions. This new version is designed to supplement face-to-face classes, becoming the best possible support for teachers. It has a specially designed version for children’s language lessons: Dexway Classroom Companion Kids.

Classroom Companion KIDS

The new course has two types: Primary A1, A2 (ages 7-12) and Secondary A2, B1, B2 (ages 12-16) and adults (A1-C1). This is the first Dexway language course to establish a separation by age, in addition to level, and the explanation is very simple: since it is a classroom-based course, it is necessary to tailor the course contents to the students who are taking it. Teaching adults English at an A1 level is very different from teaching it to children. When teaching English to children, it is essential to capture their attention.

Children’s language classes have their own pace and their own specific needs. Dexway Classroom Companion adapts content and materials so that children have fun while learning. Content has been adapted so that videos, images and exercises are pleasing and attractive to children, in addition to being age appropriate.

We know that educating children requires extra motivation and that classes have to be structured and programmed especially for them in order to hold their attention. That’s why Dexway Classroom Companion features a comprehensive accompaniment to the teacher with activities and materials that facilitate classroom tasks and increase participation inside and outside of the classroom. In addition, teachers have full freedom to modify, add or delete content, making it the core of learning.

The benefits of studying a second (or third) language at an early age are widely known. According to a study published by the National Education Association (NEA), the largest American (and global) association of professionals in the education sector, children develop better cognitive skills to multitask, they improve the understanding of their own language and it makes it easier for them to progress in other subjects, not to mention the future benefits, both personally and professionally, of speaking several languages.


What Characterizes Classroom Companion?

Dexway Classroom Companion is characterized as being a flexible, structured language learning solution that supports teaching in the classroom.


#1. Freedom and flexibility for teachers

Teachers can customize courses according to their teaching method, organize the syllabus to meet their and their students’ needs, as well as add or remove units from the syllabus.


#2. Supplement both in and out of class

Students can access their course syllabus from any device both in and out of class. The teacher will determine when to give access to the syllabus. For children, you can provide access to extra materials such as readings or videos to help prepare for the next class or to reinforce what was taught in the previous one.


#3. Revaluation of teachers

Teachers become an essential part of the learning process. Teachers decide which content to share in class and in what order. Dexway Classroom Companion gives control back to teachers, while offering all kinds of materials to enrich their classes.


#4. Dexway, the method that works

Don’t forget that Dexway Classroom Companion contains all the same features that have made Dexway language courses stand out around the world. The course applies the well-known Dexway method, based on learning by doing, which makes studying enjoyable and offers visible results from day one. In addition, you have the possibility of seeing the course run on its powerful platform, Voluxion, which provides teachers with extra tools for monitoring classes and the center itself. It is also a multi-device course, meaning it does not require facilities or the internet to operate.


Primary & Secondary Available for A1, A2, B1, B2

For primary education, Dexway Classroom Companion is available in English at the first two levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1 and A2 (ages 7-12). And for secondary education, the new course is available for A2, B1 and B2 (ages 12-16).

The contents of these courses, each divided into several sub-levels, are structured according to the requirements of the CEFR and the core language skills are practiced and perfected: reading, speaking, listening and writing. The kids version consists of materials specially designed for children, with videos of situations in the classroom or at home with family, and images that might represent them and their everyday situations.

If you are interested in supplementing your classes with the best language course for children, please contact us so that we can advise you.


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